Dec 10, 2008

Paper Bags and Glass

This is probably my favorite piece of the 4 that got into the show. It's a pencil drawing of 2 paper bags and the glass goblet with 3 cubes in it.
The dilemma with this piece is that the right side (the side I started on) looks good and I'm very pleased with it--although the bottom of the glass is a little off. But the left side was so much trouble! I am not completely sure why I was having trouble with it, but I think it's one of those times when you just can't work anymore!

So I did come back later and finish it, so it's not as bad as it was!
I hope to get a better photo of this soon, unfortunately the fact that it is in the gallery, behind glass, and there are tons of lights everywhere, is why my photo is not as detailed as the true piece.

This piece received an "A"!!! I was so excited :-)