Oct 24, 2010

AC logo—finished

Here's the final product. As you can see, my previous brainstorms came up pretty empty! haha, but at least I finally found out what worked (sort of...). I was really excited about this piece, because both myself and my professor liked it and we worked out some of the issues that I had with it. But during the critique on Thursday it was revealed that my classmates were less than thrilled. Actually, I got very little positive feedback. Almost none. It was pretty pathetic to see my professor try to defend me. So yeah, talk about frustrating. But hopefully because I was able to satisfy the customer, I will end up with a better grade. Update soon hopefully!

Updated: 10-26-2010
I got an "A"!!! And it is up on the work of the week board!
I'm super excited, haha—I needed this ego boost

Oct 23, 2010

Show Biz

Another day, another show.
Well, two right now actually. I am preparing to enter two upcoming shows—both of which will not take place until January, but the deadline for entries is fast approaching. As I've mentioned before, I am required to enter 3 outside shows before I graduate. It is suggested that I take a local (check), a state show(check), and a national show. The next one coming up is a national show, so the likelihood of me making it in is not very high, but I'm going to try anyway—it's not as though I would be doing it for no reason! As a result, I have a total of 3 shows this semester. As though I wasn't over loaded enough! hah
So I am getting the national show set and ready tonight. For a fixed fee I can enter 2 pieces so that's what I'm going with. I will be entering the chalk drawing of George White and my texture study of the Old Lady. George because I believe it is one of my strongest pieces, and the Old Lady because I still like her, and it's something different and will hopefully stand out somewhat. We'll see!
I will be notified in December, so stay tuned for an update—and hopefully an exciting one!

Unfortunately I did not get into the show—totally bummed. But, this is a national show, and it is the first show that I have not successfully gotten into since before my high school years. Disappointed? Yes, but not devastated, or even very surprised. The competition was stiff, and it was a long shot, but I will probably enter the show again next year. I will have better work and a better shot :)

Oct 18, 2010

Bugs in the Night

Last night was rather eventful.
Mandie went out for the evening and didn't get back until around 12:30am after the rest of us were asleep —Now as a little back up, I am in the habit of gasping and jumping every time an alarm goes off— Anyway, as Mandie was waiting to fall asleep, Britney's phone rang once, causing me to jumped up, gasp, and turn on my light.
Now for my side. I don't remember the phone ringing at all. I distinctly remember seeing a bunch of gnats or some sort of bug fly up from Emily's bed over to the wall next to my bed. I turned on the light so that I could kill them, I adjusted the light so that it would not wake up my roommates. Mandie asked if I was okay and only then did I realize that there were no bugs... I was too tired to do much other than say that I was okay, turn off the light and go back to sleep.
Mandie and I talked about it today and yes, I was sleep walking. Sort of. haha, I clearly remember everything except the phone! Mandie thought the phone was mine and I had gotten bad news. We've been laughing about it all morning and keep re-enacting it for our own amusement.

Oct 17, 2010

Story from Mandie

Once upon a time there were 4 beautiful roommates at [the Arborshire]. They had many great times and hung out with guys like Max. They would also have very weird conversations that no one else would understand. They would also grow together. I think that is the best part.

The end

Another laugh from the Mandie-jar.
Oh, and ps, Max is the leader of our favorite dance-workout video.
We don't' hang out with him as much as we should...

Oct 16, 2010

Logo — Art Center

In my GD class this week we are creating logos for the art center. Not as easy as it should be! Here are some of my thoughts, I'm not completely sold on any of these concepts so I would really appreciate some feedback :)

Oct 15, 2010

Landscape—Colored Pencil

Here's my 12x12 landscape. I did this in colored pencil and it has been a constant frustration!
Drawing blades of grass and individual leaves is not very entertaining, but at least now I can say that I have done it. And I am glad that I will have one in my portfolio.
Looking at it now I can see that I need to get rid of that single light spot in the foreground, so hopefully I will get a chance to fix that and then update the photo

Oct 14, 2010

CD Cover

This is my slightly modified CD cover for GD 2. I liked my idea originally, but I am not completely sold on it anymore
The blue/gray underlay has been added and will probably disappear again, but I was told that I did not push my idea enough (once again) so I tried it. But I admit, it makes me dizzy!

Oct 10, 2010

Together Again — SBC

There are few things more encouraging than getting together with a wonderful group of people who share a solid faith. I love my fellow staff members from Somerset Beach and I did not even realize how much I missed them until we were back together again.

And, of course, I got to see my very favorite young man—which was great :)

Oct 9, 2010

Abstract Flowers

This is my latest project—only a few hours old actually :)
The assignment is to create 3 abstract floral still lives with crayola crayon. I made a few others, but this one is my favorite so far! Unlike the others, where I drew with the crayons directly onto the paper, I used my x-acto blade with this one and shaved off pieces of the crayon. Then I covered it with wax paper (wax side down) and put the iron on it. The ironing had to be strategic in order to get the different levels of opacity throughout the piece. I still have some work to do—hopefully it will get better after more work has been done, the balance is slightly off... and now it's starting to bug me, hah

Updated 10-16-2010::
I've added another one of my crayon drawings—the second one went over much better (orange/blue). The other one (when finished) was described as something that Bippes would expect if I was his little granddaughter—and he would hang it on his fridge! haha, oh well. Not a compliment by any means, but it was pretty funny.
The second one went over great and Bippes even brought in the Drawing 1 class in to see it, so I guess he liked it.

Oct 8, 2010

Abstract Bottles

My first Drawing 3 project: Abstract bottles in chalk pastels.
Abstract isn't really my thing—at all. I really struggled with this project and I am not entirely sure how they turned out. Hah, I just don't fully understand abstract art and this was my first time using pastels.
These photos aren't that great, hopefully I can upload some better ones later...

Feedback welcome :) Especially if you have any tips on abstract art!