Oct 9, 2010

Abstract Flowers

This is my latest project—only a few hours old actually :)
The assignment is to create 3 abstract floral still lives with crayola crayon. I made a few others, but this one is my favorite so far! Unlike the others, where I drew with the crayons directly onto the paper, I used my x-acto blade with this one and shaved off pieces of the crayon. Then I covered it with wax paper (wax side down) and put the iron on it. The ironing had to be strategic in order to get the different levels of opacity throughout the piece. I still have some work to do—hopefully it will get better after more work has been done, the balance is slightly off... and now it's starting to bug me, hah

Updated 10-16-2010::
I've added another one of my crayon drawings—the second one went over much better (orange/blue). The other one (when finished) was described as something that Bippes would expect if I was his little granddaughter—and he would hang it on his fridge! haha, oh well. Not a compliment by any means, but it was pretty funny.
The second one went over great and Bippes even brought in the Drawing 1 class in to see it, so I guess he liked it.

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