Sep 14, 2013

Something Old, Something New

Hello Blog,

We've been through a lot together: the journey from high school to college; the chaos of roommate changes; art shows and busy schedules; the adventures of counseling; and learning to love.  Though I love to post my musings and doings on this little blog, I am afraid that the primary purpose for my posting is slowly changing and I can no longer continue in entirely the same way.

I have started another blog.  A more professional blog that will showcase my work, both the client and freelance work that I do as well as the personal.  This will be a blog that I can refer clients to those who are interested in my work, but not in my personal life.

Feel free to check out the new blog and follow (subscribe via Email or Blogger on bottom right)

I plan to continue posting on this blog, but the majority of this will remain a personal blog, with various thoughts and experiences, but only the artwork that stands out as either purely personal or highly competitive (shows).