Sep 10, 2012

Coded Love Notes

A simple, seemingly meaningless phrase that means more a piece of chocolate to me.

Okay, maybe not quite THAT far, but it means a whole lot to me after reading this story together and having 2 months of marriage to live it out.  After reading that story, we both threw ourselves into the creativity of hidden codes with admirable gusto.  Both of us, as later confessed, were wondering if the new trend would last very long.  Because this hits at a particular love language of mine, I knew that I would probably continue to add the code to the end of little notes or to the mirror via dry-erase markers after a hard week—but I did not have a large expectation for it continuing from the side of my husband as much.

Apparently, I have underestimated the powers of Superman!  Below I have attached some of the SHMILY notes (that I remembered to take a photo of) that I have found in various places over the past two months.

 A good SHMILY makes even the sock drawer exciting :)

 Dry-erase markers have become an important aspect of our marriage...

I found this one this morning during my shower—completely made my day

See How Much He Loves Me? :)

It's great!  A way to show that you were not only thinking of the other, but that you took the time to find a good hiding place for the code to sit until discovery.  (and the nice thing about it being "in code" means that I can hid it all over his classroom in little ways without worrying about his hormonal students finding one—because if they do, it doesn't really matter, does it? :) )

Sep 7, 2012

Something New

I have officially started a new chapter.
A new step.
A new adventure.
A new blog.

Don't worry, this one will continue (and hopefully with more dedication than recent months...) but I have one specifically for my new adventure in teaching elementary art.

Yep, that's right—teaching.
Not what I was trained to do, or what I originally wanted to do, but I have completed my first week and I already love it.  I am only part time, which gives me some time to work with the freelance jobs that are continually making their way into my crazy new married life!

But there are many wonderful things about this new opportunity—like the fact that it is at the same school as my Superman, so we can ride together each day!  I also am able to continue working with the XC / track team that he coaches.  Because it is only part time, I can pursue my passions in the professional art field without the pressures of a corporate office job.  AND! I get to work with children each week!  There were other areas to weigh along with the above mentioned, but after a weekend of praying and talking it over, Todd and I decided that this position would be better than my other job prospects—at least for the time being.

So take a look at my new blog by clicking on this link: HERE, or by following the link I have posted in the tabs above :)

Sep 3, 2012

Roth Wedding

 Todd and I photographed our good friends' wedding a few weeks ago!  A lot more fun than I originally thought it would be, and we are pretty happy with the results.  Here are a few examples of the images that we gathered from the event :)