Aug 24, 2010

Pencil Symbol

This project is from intro to graphic design. I didn't end up going with this one, and handed in the leaf symbol instead (you can read more about the assignment by clicking on the link). But I liked this project anyway and started thinking about it a little while ago so I thought I would post it. It's still could use a little something, but I'm not sure what... Anyway, I didn't end up going in this direction so I never needed to explore my options.
I was trying to visually show a child's creativity / imagination. Not sure how well I did...
We'll see if it ever goes anywhere in the future...

Aug 20, 2010

A Girl and Her Guitar

Sister and I needed some bonding this week. So I took my rock-star sister, her guitar and my camera to the HF Estate. I don't have a lot of experience with photography but it was fun! She's such a goof (in a good way of course!) and we had a lot of laughs.
There are sure to be plenty more in the future, so stay posted :)

Aug 19, 2010

Still Unfinished Work

Another update on some unfinished work. I've spent about 30 hours on this piece and I only have to finish up the background and it's done... but I have very little motivation to do that after so many hours!
So I think tomorrow afternoon will conclude this piece and a true illustration of how I waste my time will be available for ridicule from the public.

I'll also post a photo of the model so that you can correct all of my mistakes.
Until later

Roses are Red...

The day of my birth was celebrated earlier this week and here is a photo my biggest surprise :) A stunningly beautiful bunch of roses from my favorite young man! I'm afraid to imagine how much they must have cost, but I do love them.

They're so beautiful! This photo does such a bad job of showing them off, but it's all I've got

Aug 17, 2010

Let's Face It

So here are some of my head shots. Oddly enough most of these are profiles—but I guess that's because most of what liked that was 3/4 view ended up hanging up somewhere around campus. Keep in mind that most of these are unfinished and will probably remain so...
The contour of the girl with the under-bite was my first success of the semester. I was having a lot of trouble catching a decent likeness until Amber modeled—after that I had an easier time. Thankfully something finally clicked!
All of these drawings were done in pencil—most likely HB, B or 2B on Newsprint (top two) and drawing paper (bottom two).

Better Late than Never...

Okay so here are some of my drawings from Figure Drawing this past spring. These first few were done in colored pencil. Just a small peak at what I spent most of the semester doing. I am still unsure if I will be showing any of my other full-figure drawings...