May 17, 2013

This One's For the Birds

I'm in the mood to draw birds, birdsa and more birds!  I think it might be because a few of my students are doing projects that have to do with birds / creative birdhouses.  Their theme paired with my own love for birds and the new hummingbird feeder in the backyard has given me the push I needed to draw again.

Here's another that I began working on this week:

Again, poor quality from my iPod, but when it's complete I'll take a better photo.

May 13, 2013

Prismacolors at Tea Time

I don't work at the school on Mondays so I typically spend the day doing house-work and preparing for the rest of the work week (when I don't have a freelance job breathing down my neck).

Today I really wanted to get something done for my mom but I don't have my watercolor paper at the apartment and my first attempts at drawing did not turn out well—let's just say that I will not be posting them.  Frustrated and tired I reached for my pastel paper.  I'm not sure exactly what I was planning to create because I had not thought past opening the pad itself.  Out fell a series of drawings—still in the sketching phase of life.  I had entirely forgotten about them—I can't even remember when I actually started the project, but some point during the great series of illness that I ran into this winter.  I was particularly drawn (hah, pun totally intended) to the sketch I did of a stack of teacups.

Why not?  I hunted down and opened my beautiful Prismacolor pencils and got started.  After about 3 hours I have the familiar cramps in my shoulders from bending over, I am covered with pencil shavings, and I am loving it (but I am still taking a break, lol).
Here's what I ended up with today:

Better quality photo coming after completion—this one was taken with my ipod

Obviously, I need to finish up the handles and decide what to do with the background (and get the highlights to really pop), but for one afternoon of work I am pretty happy! I think I might need to tone down the contrast in my little birdy so that it doesn't grab all of the attention, but the background could fix that by itself.

I am considering making prints of this piece and selling them—if that would at all interest you let me know!

May 8, 2013

Graduation Invites—Sister Edition

My baby sister is graduating...

I'm not sure if I'm excited or just heart broken.  I am excited about the adventures she will get to have at one of my favorite places—the Arborshire—but I am also sad that she will be moving away.  Now that I'm finally close enough to see her once a week or so, I'm used to it and it will be hard to adjust back to the once a month (if that) visitations.

While it has been hard to get used to the idea, designing her graduation invitations sure helped!

(Name and address changed)

Went with a chalk-board theme.  Not only is it pretty popular now for other areas of life, but it just seems to fit well with an academic based event.  Originally I had little chalked flags hanging but at least for now I have removed them.  I tend to prefer less "clutter", though it did add to the playful side.

Critiques are welcome as always!