May 8, 2013

Graduation Invites—Sister Edition

My baby sister is graduating...

I'm not sure if I'm excited or just heart broken.  I am excited about the adventures she will get to have at one of my favorite places—the Arborshire—but I am also sad that she will be moving away.  Now that I'm finally close enough to see her once a week or so, I'm used to it and it will be hard to adjust back to the once a month (if that) visitations.

While it has been hard to get used to the idea, designing her graduation invitations sure helped!

(Name and address changed)

Went with a chalk-board theme.  Not only is it pretty popular now for other areas of life, but it just seems to fit well with an academic based event.  Originally I had little chalked flags hanging but at least for now I have removed them.  I tend to prefer less "clutter", though it did add to the playful side.

Critiques are welcome as always!


Hillary Bartoszek said...

I LOVE it! :D Your so stinkin good.

Ms.Lo said...

You KNOW I LOVE IT! I also prefer the uncluttered look. Love the colors, love the photo, I even dig the typography.

Britney said...

love it! So cute!