Jan 30, 2012

Motivational Mondays

Let's face it, Mondays can be hard for everyone.  So I am going to try and post some of my personal motivation on those days when any form of motivation is hard to come by (which of course, means I have to find it every week, lol).  It's basically a sick, twisted, wonderfully sneaky plan that I have devised against myself.  We'll see if I win or not...

For this week, here's a poster design I found—it's a series (this being the second) that is pretty witty.  Though I don't agree with every statement entirely, I found it pretty humorous :)


Jan 23, 2012

From Illustration To Cover

Here is the book cover that I've been working on (title/author is a real book that I borrowed for my idea—I thought her title was hilarious).  There are still a few color things that I might change—specifically with the author's name, I have been going back and forth with what color to make that stripe...

Anyway, this piece will be featured in my senior show! YAY
But because I"m having a senior show... I need to get back to work... NOW!

Jan 20, 2012

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at a book cover design that I'm working on :)

It's for a devotional book lamenting the struggles of living up to the standards of a Proverbs 31 ideal.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the "Proverbs 31" concept at all—I'm not exactly a feminist I confess—but, let's face it girls, it's a hard standard to live up to.  Even harder if we get mixed up in "the world's" standards and forget about what's really important: Following God fully.

Feedback welcome—it's an ink illustration that I painted in a water-color style after scanning it into the computer.


Jan 19, 2012

More Typographic Play

After posting my potential Tshirt design for the Arborshire, I was asked to draw up something similar for SBC if the school ended up going with a different design.  Unfortunately, I have no idea if the admissions team will select my design, and I will not find out until the end of the month—if then.  So I started to play in a different way to at least keep the juices flowing :)
Here's the result:

I like it, but mostly because I had fun with it—especially adding "Fred the Buoy" and the A-frame into the mix! :)
Even if 'the boss' does not want to use this design, I should be able to use it for my Advanced portfolio, so I don't regret the time spent in the least!

Feedback welcome—readability? It's always hard for me to know for sure sometimes.  After all, I should be able to read my own writing!

Jan 18, 2012

The Bride Dreams

You know how when something new, big, exciting, and a little terrifying is coming up, and you start to have dreams about it?
Well, let the wedding nightmares begin!

My first wedding nightmare:
A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was back on the beach again with my ADC campers.  I remember thinking: "okay, the wedding is at 2 o'clock, so I'll have to be ready by then!"
Of course, I'm decked out in the lovely box-cut t-shirts, athletic shorts, messy ponytail and bad tan-lines of a camp counselor.  Oddly enough, this didn't phase me until I got a phone call from Todd.
He asked me where I was and if I was ready!
What?! 2:00!! ALREADY?!?
Abandoning my precious campers, I made my way to the gym where, apparently, the wedding was supposed to be held.  I started to get upset because I had not been able to design my invitations or pick out a dress or decorate or anything!  But lo-and-behold, my two bridesmaids (who I can't remember) had picked up a dress for me on their way over.  The dress itself was awful, didn't fit at all, but I couldn't tell them that I hated it!  And to top it off: I smelled like the lake and sweat, I wasn't wearing any make-up, I had abandoned my campers who were all doubtless drowning in the lake, and I had not had any part in the fun of planning my own wedding! Waah!  The last thing I remember was sobbing into the shoulder of poor Todd.
It was a relief that I woke up shortly after this disaster.

I had this dream right after the day I skipped shaving my legs—something I will doubtless not do again for a long time.
I was at the church (the real location of our wedding), getting ready in the ladies' bathroom with my bridesmaids.  This was shortly after I had purchased my dress and set up the appointment to have it altered to fit me, so in my dream, the dress still didn't fit.  It was much too large, and I kept tripping over it as I struggled to keep the massive folds of fabric on my body!  I also didn't' have shoes!  Where were they?  And HORROR OF HORRORS, I looked down to see that not only were my feet shoe-less, it appeared that I had not shaved my legs in years!
Thus, struggling with so many yards of fabric that my dress was draped over my shoulder ("toga" style, of course), I was trying to shave my hairy-man-legs with a pink razor in the sink of the ladies' bathroom at my church—all of this, just moments before I was supposed to walk down the isle!

Last Week:
At one point this past week, I had a dream that I needed to look through the formal dresses in the basement for a dress that I could wear to the wedding.  My sister was with me, and as we tried to get to the back of the room, we were halted by giant spider webs!  I'm not very fond of spiders, but when conscious, I can get past my fear.  Not so in dreams! I can't STAND them in my dreams.
And of course, I can't seem to kill a dream-spider, so they continue to haunt me until I wake.  These spiders were a little different.  Looking up at the horrid beast as I reached for some of the dresses, I noticed that this particular web was created by a Lego-turtle-spider.  Yep.  A turtle, made of Legos, that was actually a spider, spinning a web.
My wedding was over—I had Lego-turtle-spiders haunting me and I didn't have anything to wear.  Thankfully, I soon woke up and realized how silly I am.

Jan 11, 2012

Hardwork, Paying Off

Here is a grouped project that I did last semester—and probably my largest success, outside of a brochure that I made for a bank that locks! :)
After my professors saw it, one of them told me that if I had entered the version with the woman on the cover, it would have deserved first place in the end of semester show!
Wow, I'm not sure if it would have, but I'm glad that they like it as much as I do :)

The idea behind these (fictional) books is that one is marketed towards male audiences, and the other towards female audiences.  The type of book is similar to a Les&Leslie Parrott (not exactly in the "marriage" field, though it could cross over), or an John&Staci Eldredge style.

The book for females:
And the book for males:

I'm pretty happy with them, and very excited that they were received so well by my professors.  I wasn't finished in time to put them into the end of semester show, but my senior show (hopefully soon!) will feature these two pieces.  The book publishing logo is also mine.

Also, something funny—I like to put little hints towards my personal hobbies in my designs, see if you can find a clue to one of my favorite books in this design... :)



Jan 7, 2012

Tshirt Design '12

I got an Email the other day about a Tshirt design contest at the Arborshire.  After glancing through it I decided that I didn't have time and would pass on this project.

Ten minutes later I had this design sketched up:

Hah, go figure.
I have a lot of work to do on it yet—finishing up the edges, making sure it's legible, and ... yeah, just finishing it.  It would go on a colored shirt and the lettering would probably be in color too, though that's largely up to the school staff.  Still some work to do—I'd love some feedback!

Thanks :)


"I Try To Be Good Enough..."

This past semester was really rough, and in case you didn't realize it at the time, you can take a look back at my blog posts—all... what? 3 of them? Yeah, didn't even have time to THINK about posting until the semester was over.

But regardless of the stress that has attacked my face with it's favorite weapon: acne; and took so much of my time that I lost weight, and basically made me realize that sometimes, you can't read all of the material or do everything that anyone asks you to do (*pause for deep breath*), it ended very well and all of the hard work really paid off.  Despite the good ending, I am not ready to start this again.

I'd rather plan my wedding and do other fun, girly things!

Anyway, it was a rough few months (until December, which was GREAT), and this song (and one other that I will share later) seemed to pop on the radio whenever I was having one of my "how on earth am I going to do all of this??" panic moments.  A great reminder that I am not on my own.

Hope you enjoy it, I sure did :)


Jan 6, 2012

A Day of Days

It's been one of those days.
Those crazy ones.
The ones that make me wonder why I am still up at this hour, writing a blog post when I should be very much in bed.

A Recovery Day:
Mom, Connor and I have been sick this week and we're all finally well enough to move around like normal people!  Which is good :)

A Girly Day:
Today (due to the recent recovery), Mom and I went and bought my wedding dress!  Super exciting? Um, YES! We also set up the date for the fitting, and took care of a few other small wedding-like things :)
The worst part about this fact, is that I can't tell the attractive young man about the dress... which I didn't realize would be this hard!  Though... I confess, I have told him a little (it's white, it will fit after it is taken in, I will wear it at our wedding, ect).
Ah well, at least "Pick and Buy Wedding Dress" can be checked off the daunting list of wedding to-dos.

An Organizing Day:
Now that I am feeling well, I have begun to organize and straighten my own thoughts—make a check list for the wedding, figure out lab aid stuff for the other student workers, and start to organize one for my January jobs at the school, not to mention brainstorm portfolio pieces for the upcoming semester...
Which brings me to the next day within my day:

I realized how much I have to do this month. Wow, I am not sure how it is all going to get done!  And after a last minute turn of events, I am headed back to the Arborshire tomorrow, and have to pack up my stuff, go buy groceries and try not to panic about everything I need to do!

A Thankful Day:
Despite all of this craziness, both wedding related and non, I have been blessed with some really wonderful people.  I love that my mom will listen and work with me as I plan out my "to-dos" for the next week or so.  I am so thankful for how my siblings can make me LAUGH, and can lighten up my mood after a stressful day/moment.  And I cannot help but love Todd all the more when I can start to explain a "to-do" that is stressing me out (especially wedding wise), and he finishes the sentence and makes it seem so much easier than the entire issue was a few moments before.
He's also great at reminding me that I don't have to make everybody else happy, and in the end, pointing me back to the focus of our lives: God.

It's been a crazy day, but a good day.  Doubtless, more adventures tomorrow—good night!


Jan 5, 2012

Sister Brag

So you all should listen to my sister plaaay!
She's been working on my old guitar for the past few years and making it sing in ways that my pathetic "talents" could never dream of reaching.  I'm super proud of her :)
She's really been getting into the finger style, and has impressed us yet again.  After some commencement lessons with our old youth pastor, she's been teaching herself through books and random youtube videos!

How awesome is she??

Anyway, you should go to her site and listen to her awesome-ness: iSisi
And she's cute too :)

Sisi and me this summer at the village (photo credit: Mom)

Jan 4, 2012

Stumped Designer

Guess what? I get to design MY OWN wedding invitations!!
How exciting is that?!  And, an additional dash of awesome, I have the chance to design something that can be exactly the way I want it (after passing it by my toughest critic / best encouragement / fiancee, Todd, of course).  Also, it will be a chance for me to basically advertise my work while being totally functional at the same time!
And really, what girl doesn't dream of designing their wedding invitations once Mr. Right decides to get on his knee??
just me? Okay then...
Despite this excitement, I am stumped!  There are a lot of designs that I like, but... I haven't exactly found/ thought of something that really excites me.  Hopefully soon.  I've drawn up some ideas, but they just aren't right—maybe for someone else's wedding, but not for a designer/ illustrator! :)  So far, nothing quite fits my style or ... yeah, nothing quite works yet.  Go FIGURE, I'm a graphic design student who can't design her own wedding invitations!  I am a very frustrating client I must admit.

But hopefully I'll have something to share soon.  At least an idea :)  Until then, I'll just play around I guess!

(oh, and i didn't really plan out my invitations that early—but I will admit that it was one of the first aspects of planning that I grew excited about!)

Jan 3, 2012

Thank You Chocolate

A good piece of Chocolate has about 200 calories. As I enjoy two servings per day, and a few more on weekends, I consume about 3,500 calories of chocolate in a week, which equals one pound of weight per week.
Therefore, in the past 3 1/2 years, I have had a Chocolate calorie intake of 180 pounds.  Considering my current weight is less than 180, I would have wasted away several months ago.

I owe my life to Chocolate.

(unfortunately I cannot take credit for this wonderfully witty essay—my roommate sent it to me and I only tweaked part of it)