Jan 4, 2012

Stumped Designer

Guess what? I get to design MY OWN wedding invitations!!
How exciting is that?!  And, an additional dash of awesome, I have the chance to design something that can be exactly the way I want it (after passing it by my toughest critic / best encouragement / fiancee, Todd, of course).  Also, it will be a chance for me to basically advertise my work while being totally functional at the same time!
And really, what girl doesn't dream of designing their wedding invitations once Mr. Right decides to get on his knee??
just me? Okay then...
Despite this excitement, I am stumped!  There are a lot of designs that I like, but... I haven't exactly found/ thought of something that really excites me.  Hopefully soon.  I've drawn up some ideas, but they just aren't right—maybe for someone else's wedding, but not for a designer/ illustrator! :)  So far, nothing quite fits my style or ... yeah, nothing quite works yet.  Go FIGURE, I'm a graphic design student who can't design her own wedding invitations!  I am a very frustrating client I must admit.

But hopefully I'll have something to share soon.  At least an idea :)  Until then, I'll just play around I guess!

(oh, and i didn't really plan out my invitations that early—but I will admit that it was one of the first aspects of planning that I grew excited about!)

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Diane said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with!