Aug 25, 2011


Saw this quote and it blew my mind:

What if you woke up today, and the only 
things you had were the things you thanked 
God for yesterday?

wow.  Sounds like I need to be more thankful—even for the little things, like fingernails, and clocks that work.

Aug 23, 2011


For those of you who don't know, I've been (slowly) working through this Paul study with Beth Moore.  I took a break from it to do a study with the counseling staff this summer, but I was so happy to return to it (not that the other was bad by any means).  Day 37 really hit me where I needed it—which I think tends to happen when you're working with the God of the Universe!
It was all about failure, revealing how frustrated Paul was after dealing with the Athenians in Acts 17.  For people who were so intellectual and seemed so open to new ideas, these people were incredibly closed to the Gospel!  While a few men and women were saved, their faith does not seem to be very strong, and Paul never mentions a church being built there—and this was after one of the best salvation messages ever preached!  And yet Paul left in frustration.
The next place Paul traveled to was to Corinth.  Unlike when he went elsewhere, Paul had a new sense of defeat; a sense of frustration and failure.  And yet, the Corinthians responded well, because Paul was humbled anew, and was able to allow God to work through his inability.  It says that Paul came to them "with weakness and fear, and with much trembling" (1 Corth 2:2), and God used him even more.

It brings to mind this past summer.  Stacy and I had to teach our own lessons, and this is something I was more uncomfortable with than I would like to admit.  I was intimidated.  I have no teaching experience—other than leading a few Bible studies and counseling the year before—and those I directed towards the individuals, and on what topic I felt they needed to cover.  This was entirely different for me.  I had a set topic.  I had a wide age-group.  I had very little self-confidence.
It's hard to try and be a "teacher" when your co-worker actually is a teacher—and a great one at that!  But it was great to see God use those times.  While I had a few lessons that "flopped", my inadequacy revealed my dependence on God, and He was able to lead me towards lesson plans that I would not have considered within my topic before hand.  He revealed new ways to send a message and opened oppertunities during individual times with the campers.

Everytime I said: "I can't, I'm not good enough"
"He said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness'." (2 Corth 12:9)

Who knows if anything stuck?  If they will even remember me?
I sure don't.  But I do know that God can use those times when I feel most inadequate to do great things.

Aug 20, 2011

Missing Them Already...

Some pictures I never had a chance to upload.  I have a feeling that this will be happening a few times within the next few days—there are just so many good times, and so little patience when it comes to posting, haha!  But for tonight, some photos and forgotten quotes.

We painted on the sidewalk outside Home Base with some home-made side walk paint, and yesterday we took pictures under some of the "costumes" that we made.  The picture of Lindsay (above) was my personal favorite—ADC campers are so funny!

Some more humor over the past few weeks—this group was only with us for a few days, but we sure had fun!  The last day they were here called for some extra silliness.  So we stuffed some of our pillows up our shirts and ran around the room for a while :) 

Joe brought this AWESOME towel and Alec enjoyed some attention in front of the camera and gave us a few laughs!

Jack was with us the last two days—and he drew this picture for me :)  It's of a train and a tree.  Oh yes, he is also showing off his favorite face and the ring he got out of the "Pinana".


Her DID?!? —Tyler

You should have quit while you were still early. —Adam

I'm donna till you! —Tyler

I hav' da black... bu' ith's pur'ple... —Tyler (I have the black... but it's purple...)

Tamanna! —Joe (Banana)

How do ou tike my new cocks? —Tyler (how do you like my new socks?)

They just don't make shovels like they used to... —Jack (super serious and quite sad about the lack of quality found in sand toys!)

Aug 18, 2011

Photo Frenzy x2

Something that has been popular off and on over the past few weeks is minnow catching.  Some attempts are more suscessful than others—below is Jackson's take on the sport.
 He did not catch a thing, but he sure had fun with it!

Our theme this week is "celebration", and we had 2 pinatas today :)  Or as Tyler called them "Pananas" (pronounced like 'banana' with a 'p'), and that is what they have been called ever since he first said it this morning.  Pinatas just might always be 'pananas' to me from now on—Mexican or not ;)

We went for a speed-boat ride on Monday!  Tyler was super excited and kept talking about the "peed boot" even after we had left it :)  Dave, the director, took us on the ride and that was just great.  Where else will you have the director of the entire camp take some time out to spin kids around on a boat?  And they loved every minute!

We also had a chance to take the kids to the zip line 2 weeks ago and again this week! THEY LOVED IT! haha, but for all the talk and begging that they did before the zip line, I was surprised how SILENT they were on the way down!  And most of them had little petrified smiles on their faces (if they even showed that much emotion).  Even I screamed the first few times down!
But after all that fun, we had to have a group shot—and their true colors came out again. There is no such thing as a 'normal' photo with these kids :)

More photos later—too tired to edit now...

Trends and Loose Ends

Wow, only 2 more days of ADC left... I can't believe it.

But, at the same time, I'm ready to be done for a while!  I love camp, and I have loved working ADC, but it's time for a break.  It's too lonely out here when everyone else is gone...

But something that came to my attention this morning is the movement in trends.  I'm sure it's like this at a typical school, but I'm not around that so much and was caught by surprise.  The beginning trend was coloring.  We had coloring pages and everyone—I mean EVERYONE—did a coloring page each day.  That trend soon moved to playing cards, and I have played more rounds of "Go Fish", "Garbage" and "Slap" than I ever care to play again!  But they eventually moved past that and Pokemon cards made an appearance.  Waa??

Yeah, that was strange.  Something that was popular when I was in elementary is now the popular topic of conversation and play for my campers.  Strange. (photo above is of some sort of battle / trade involving the cards)
While Pokemon hasn't truly died, it too has been pushed to the side, and fort building has taken it's place.  There are numerous forts built every day—and they are starting to bring blankets and beg to use our towels to make bigger and better forts!  It's nice that they can entertain themselves (as we begin to feel burnt out), and some of the designs they come up with are pretty creative!
Below is a picture of Noah in his fort from today as well as the large fort that some of the other kids built today.

But we're very much reaching the end.  I can already feel myself turn over and begin to think of school.  A mixed feeling of dread and excitement.  I'm not looking forward to being super busy again (of course, I've been busy all summer, so a break will be very welcome!), and I'm not too thrilled to be returning without some of my dearest friends.  After a lonlier summer, the thought of being lonely at school has me crippled.  I know I have plenty of friends in Arborshire, but something's still missing.

Wow.  Last 2 days.

Aug 17, 2011

Birthday Wishes

My birthday was this week—I turned the "big" 2-1.
It was a very different birthday for me this year—I spent it away from home for the first time, and I found that super weird!  I love camp, and the people I work with / the campers, but it was still really strange!  It didn't feel like my birthday, even though Tyler was yelling "It's Twina's birf-daa" all through lunch, I was sung too, I even got a cake(!) and my Email was so full of well wishes that I was overwhelmed!  But in so many ways, it was a normal camp day—I was usually taken a little by surprise when someone would say "happy birthday" to me! lol  But it was really great, and I felt super loved :)  Mom came out to camp and took me to dinner, which was awesome.  We had a chance to talk just the two of us, and I think I really needed that.

I think my favorite 'gift' was getting to spend the weekend with Todd and my family!  I know, it sounds so "cliche" when I say that was the best gift—but it really was!  I was so upset when I thought I would have to miss out on that because I was so sick, but thankfully I was feeling just fine by Friday and I got to go!  And it was absolutely wonderful!  Just to get away from camp and enjoy the company of my favorite people (and eat lots of fudge of course! lol)

Exactly what I wanted for my birthday.

Aug 15, 2011

What You Missed

This past week I was...

Saying "Good Bye"
This past week was the last week with the other counselors.  What a bummer!  The last over night camp where I would join the counselors and all of their children for games and wagon rides and bonfires.  The last week with my summer friends and roommates, the last week living in my cabin.  The final time down the slip'n'slide for the year, and the last epic game of Water Rush.  The last week of summer before Todd returns to the world of the grown-ups that I am still desperately fighting to avoid... at least until next week...
But that's alright, all good stages must come to an end—and I had every intention of making the most of my last moments with everyone.

If only my good attitude had prevailed.... instead I experienced fatigue, a sore throat and a serious case of the chills that soon revealed it's true identity.  By Tuesday morning I was feeling pretty bad and by that evening it was clear that something was incredibly wrong.  I was finally convinced that it was not a small cold that would just leave after an extra nap, and went to visit the nurses.  Anne and Sherry looked me over and I was quarantined.  Fever of 102* and tonsils the size of my fists meant that I was to spend my evening in the clinic.  I had strep.
Well, I wasn't about to spend my hours of confinement alone in the cabin! 1-800-Mommy, and I was soon on my way home—feeling worse than ever.  The people of the clinic were EXTREMELY mean, but they have me some meds and I accepted my fate as I shivered off to bed.

Wednesday morning.  I had been on the antibiotic for a while, so I should be getting better, right?  Nope.  I was so fatigued that it was hard to sit up in bed—in fact, I didn't leave until close to 1:00.  I felt a little better and cried all through "Soul Surfer".  And then it got really bad.  After a super short nap I woke up feeling worse than I had before, and this continued for the rest of the night.  Sending down a ball of broken glass each time I swallowed produced tears and frustration while I started to feel dizzy and an upset stomach soon followed.
After emptying what little was residing in my stomach, the fever finally broke and I was able to fall back to sleep—convinced that I should have gone back to the clinic, and determined to visit my own doctor in the morning.

Turns out I didn't have strep.  I didn't have Mono either.
I had some crazy virus that was out to end my life!  Only it didn't.  It did take me out of Adventure Day Camp for the rest of the week (Wed – Fri), but I was still able to go to Mackinac with my mom's side of the family for the weekend! yay!  And Todd was able to come too—yay again!
So we drove all the way to Mackinac on Friday—right after Todd moved out of Somerset—and let me tell you, that car's seats were not designed well.  My bottom was quite sore after the drive!
But it was a wonderful weekend—so good to be with my family and Todd.  Dad wasn't able to make it because he has a final coming up, so that was upsetting, but I can sympathize with the need to study (and his grades aren't allowed to be lower than mine, so he has a lot to live up to! :P hehe)

Saturday morning!  We wake up, excited with anticipation of the fun ahead on the Island!  And then we look outside.  It was raining.  Supa' hard.
But something like that won't keep my family down!  We spent some time together at the shops, at the pool, and even got some board games for the evening.  We still had a blast and were able to enjoy each other despite the rain.  The rain did end up stopping later in the evening so we had a chance to go outside a little—but the next day on the Island was also tons of fun :)

Now I'm back at camp for my last week.  I can't believe in a week ADC '11 will be all memories.  I've moved out of the cabin and am now living on the other side of the campground—which is super weird! I've never really been over here, because even when I camp with my family, we're just outside where the cabins are, so that's where I'm most comfortable.
It's a little lonelier now (okay, a lot) without the other counselors.  And there isn't much to do in the evenings.  It's weird, but at the moment, not all bad.  I'm enjoying some rest after a busy day.

Aug 3, 2011

Giggles and Bunny Ears

It's kinda what we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Oh, and snack too :)  Thus, we have some silly face pictures to share (notice that Hope always puts the bunny-ears on her own head *giggle*)

We've had some extra hard laughs this week because Tyler is back! yay—we missed him and Brandon a whole lot, I'm so glad they are back (it's going to be a hard school year without them...).  But with some added lisps and bluntness comes some fantastic new quotes!

"I have a fever of 204." —Brandon (said oh-so matter-o-factly)

"If I were a chicken, I would have hached from one of these..." —Devin (holding the 'mistake' egg that was super tiny)

"Whe'... da tign?" —Tyler in his sleep (where's the sign?)

"U twack me up!" —Tyler (and that cracked us up!)

"Jared laughs like a girl indian!" —Hope (waaa?)

And our favorite for the week (thus far)
"Dat tittin tinks.  It' dot prayed by a kunk!!" —by the ever famous: TYLER! (Translation= That kitten stinks.  It got sprayed by a skunk)