May 21, 2011

Goodbyes—Round 2

Watched my friends walk across a great big ol' stage today. Graduation in Arborshire.
So exciting.  So sad.  So ... crazy...  I can't believe they are already done!
Another series of "good-byes".  I am confident that many of us will still keep in touch, but it is still hard to close another 'stage'.  It will be hard to continue next year without these friends.  I will miss them.
But I was also forced to think about next year—when it is my turn.  It's going to be absolutely insane!  On the last week of school, the final Friday will mark the end of exams, Saturday will be my graduation, and on Sunday, I will (most likely) be leaving for Italy!  And after Italy, more craziness. . . (cue man voice): Job hunting!
my  (!)
It will be good.  It will be fast.  It will be sooo . . . whorl-windy.  I feel dizzy already.

I'm suddenly very thankful for the break that I have this summer... God, I'm glad you know what you're doing, cuz I sure don't!

I love you, oh Lord, my strength 
Psalm 18:1

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Hillary said...

I miss you all dearly. <3