May 19, 2011

Parental Persona

There is a bird's nest on our roof—and there is a perfect view of the entrance to this little oasis from my favorite rocking chair on the porch (okay, it's the only one, but it's still my favorite!)
So I've spent quite a bit of time admiring the parents as they are striving to keep their darling hungry mouths full.  Though I am not entirely sure which one is "mom" and which one is "dad"(though I have my suspicions), it has been extremely amusing to watch the two parents and discover some of their personalities.
Both are not extremely fond of me, though Persistent Parent has largely gotten over the initial shock of my rocking form.  Though still looking me up and down before continuing with the necessary feeding ritual, Persistent Parent does not waste much time after obtaining the newly deceased grub.  One glance at me, one hop to the entrance, another glance at me, and into the nest!  Followed by a choirs of excited and slightly demanding chirps that are enough to make any sentimental soul give a hushed 'awe'.
Paranoid Parent, on the other hand, is quite at a loss as to what to do with me, and is continually eyeing me and hopping about nervously.  Though finally able to take an occasional mouthful to the Brood, Paranoid Parent spends quite a bit of time watching me and flying back and forth between our house and the neighbors.  Persistent Parent is in quite a pickle to keep the Brood satisfied, though even Paranoid Parent has been able to make a few feeds within the past two hours.

I have never wanted to climb onto the roof so much in my life, though I am entirely convinced that Paranoid Parent would have a heart attack, and then where would Persistent Parent be?  Needless to say, I shall not be making the climb quite yet.  Maybe this weekend. . .

Loving the little chirps—loving the sunshine.
Pictures later :)

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Britney said...

ahhh! Birds..that's all i have to say.