Dec 22, 2009

Christmas Break '09

Another semester has come and gone.  Ending with a bang and a sigh of relief.  I was not sure that I would make it about two weeks ago, first with the art show, then final projects and finally exams breeding panic in the pit of my stomach.
The art show ended well, it was a very good show I believe the judges did a good job picking the artwork (with a few exceptions).  I only entered only 3 pieces in this semester as opposed to the usual 4—unfortunately this was just not the greatest 'show' semester for me personally, but rather a growing semester because I was exploring brand new media.  I entered my 'Oxymoron' piece, 'Cappuccino to Go' logo, and my 'Stair' photo.  Both of my typography pieces made it in, but my photo did not... that was a little disappointing, and I took my first trip down the "walk of shame"—which is what we affectionately call the walk to the 2D room right after the show, because everyone knows that means at at least one of your pieces didn't make it in.
I wasn't completely heart broken, I did not have much confidence in my photo and so few photos were chosen this time around that I was not surprised.  But it would not have killed me to have all my pieces make it.

Now I'm home at last!  I have been much better about homesickness this year—but the last 2 weeks or so were difficult.  I was ready for family, rest, and Christmas! Although rest was not something I found right off the bat—my first night I had a 'college age' party, the next morning (Saturday) I spent the day shopping and came back just in time to babysit for the rest of the night.  I returned from that just in time to shower before passing out and going to church the next morning.  Still going strong, after a long lunch with friends mom and I went shopping again and finished up for my siblings before I went back to the church to chaperone the youth Christmas party with Evan and Sarah (photo).  Monday was a much needed lazy day!

Hopefully I will get a chance to update all of the artwork that I've done over the past week or so, but I do not have access to all of the files while I am at home...

Dec 15, 2009

Dear Blog...

I am dying to update you.  Really, I am.  Unfortunately, the pressures and demands of college life are holding me back and you will not be touched again until Thursday afternoon—if there is time to be found at that point.
I am truely sorry—and I promise to spend oodles of time updating and providing attention as soon as the final exams and projects of 2009 are non-existent.

Farewell for now,

Dec 8, 2009

Visual Chapter Project

This poster represents a chapter in my Intro to GD book.  I was really excited about this piece, and I got an "A-", which isn't bad :)
My poster represents Art Deco and Plakatstil—as well as posters from the World Wars (thus Uncle Sam's addition)
I was really proud of it, but in hind sight it's not that wonderful—and my professor was not very impressed with my plakatstil illustration...

Dec 5, 2009


Third and final "Murphy's Law" headline—the long one!
Played with shadows both in the figure, the photo and the text itself. Trying to convey the feeling of failed invisibility—and hopefully still legible!
Feedback?  This series is due on Friday (11th)

Updated 12/11/09:
The critique for this project was this morning (about 5 minutes ago). This one went over well though it is probably the weakest of the bunch.  Professor Shaw commented on the repetition of the cast shadow in the text (normally something that Graphic Designers try to avoid) not only in the figure but along the entire edge of the image.  The color also was a plus—Nothing on purpose, just the color of my living room wall

Dec 4, 2009


This is another one of my "Murphy's Law" headlines.  The "hidden flaw" in the text is that the "a"s and the "e"s are flipped—basically everywhere that you would see an "e", it's really an "a" that has just been flipped upside-down.
This is my Medium headline—long one will be posted soon

Updated 12/11/09:
Critique was today!  My classmates loved the font that I modified which was great.  It's Harabara, but I created the 'leaves' and elongated the descenders/ascenders.  My hidden flaw was also caught which was great.  Professor Shaw also liked that I left a small amount of extra space to the right of the text (something I did on purpose but didn't expect anyone to notice).  The use of color went over well too—it was a really encouraging morning!