Dec 4, 2009


This is another one of my "Murphy's Law" headlines.  The "hidden flaw" in the text is that the "a"s and the "e"s are flipped—basically everywhere that you would see an "e", it's really an "a" that has just been flipped upside-down.
This is my Medium headline—long one will be posted soon

Updated 12/11/09:
Critique was today!  My classmates loved the font that I modified which was great.  It's Harabara, but I created the 'leaves' and elongated the descenders/ascenders.  My hidden flaw was also caught which was great.  Professor Shaw also liked that I left a small amount of extra space to the right of the text (something I did on purpose but didn't expect anyone to notice).  The use of color went over well too—it was a really encouraging morning!


Ms.Lo said...

I love the different shades of green.

SiSi said...

creative! i didnt really notice the a and e thing until you said something, then i was like 'Oooh, i see.' lol;)