May 28, 2011


There was a bright moment among the rain during the past few days—actually, it was still sprinkling on me when I took these, but that's okay.  But I wasn't about to sit inside and let the sun go down without at least a 'hello'!  The park was flooded under the trees, so I was able to see some great reflections, so that was fun.  Difficult to capture on camera, especially when I'm distracted by just looking at it!
So I went out and said 'good bye' before heading out on a run myself.  And the birds were in rare form!  Noisy little things, I guess they were as excited as I was :)
God is good, and I think He knows how much I love the cloud formations!


It has been a funny week—one with a few... repeats, shall we say?
Well I spent Thursday evening with Superman.  We watched "I am Number 4", which was suggested by my family.  As in, every single member (-Father) suggested that we see it.  And they liked it so much, that two of my siblings read the book.  So I was rather interested, and the boyfriend wasn't opposed, so I figured—why not?  So we watched it.
I screamed.
Okay, not really, but kinda, yeah... 
only a little! hah, I get really into movies and tend to root people on and jump at every corner.  So when the bad-guys come, I react accordingly.  Yes, I gave a few little yelps.
Anywho, I wasn't super fond of the 'bad-guys' and their enjoyment of torture.  Other than that, it was a little predictable, and very suspenseful, but not our favorite.
Then yesterday (Fri) I went to see Superman again in order to help him and his parents paint his apartment. And talk to his landlord about paint colors for her bathroom.
Now for the deja'vu part—ready?
I went home after painting yesterday and found my family watching (have you guessed yet?)  "I am Number 4".  Then, mom came in and asked me to help her pick out a paint color the next day (today).
I feel like this happened already...

Deja'vu! haha, though I changed it up a little today and planted flowers after helping mom and Sister pick paint colors — not a bad day :)  

May 25, 2011

The Princess Wanna Be

Last night I dreamed that I was Rapunzel.  My friends and family have compared me to her disney remake a few times, and I’m not exactly opposed to being considered the look-alike of a Disney Princess.  I mean, what girl doesn’t dream of being one?  Great adventure, perfect hair, cute little side-kick, and of course, the wonderful prince charming.

… Alright, maybe just me, but it’s also a great movie and still leaves me laughing and full to the brim with that fuzzy sentimental feeling (Though instead of the charismatic Flynn Rider at my side, I am able to enjoy the company of my dashing and comical Superman—something I wouldn’t trade).

You can doubthless image my disappointment when I woke up and found myself—instead of in a magical tower—in a lofted bed.  You know, the same one that I've slept in since I was about 8? (except when I'm in Arborshire)  Yeah, that one.  Not that I don't love my bed, but it is not very tall, my hair does not create a ladder down it, and prince charming was no where in sight.  My cute little pig "Tea-cup"(knitted for me by my lovely RA) didn't even join me in a spontanious song and dance.  Rather anti-climatic after the surroundings of my imagination...  There was also sun in my imaginary setting, something that has been seriously lacking in the real world since my return to conciousness. 

May 23, 2011


No, I didn't get a tattoo, but I did have fun with my Le Pen today!  My most willing model (the mirror) has agreed to sit with me again so that I might make an illustration!  Okay, what really happened was that I wanted to do an ink illustration of something a little out of my typical crazy–tight–realistic–loads–of–detail portraits. So here's a self portrait done in ink, exaggerated slightly and simplified.  And In my favorite pair of 3D–punched–out–lens–glasses to boot.

Yes, actually, I do wear them.  Especially when dealing with difficult homework.  And I secretly think it does helps, thankyouverymuch.

May 21, 2011

Goodbyes—Round 2

Watched my friends walk across a great big ol' stage today. Graduation in Arborshire.
So exciting.  So sad.  So ... crazy...  I can't believe they are already done!
Another series of "good-byes".  I am confident that many of us will still keep in touch, but it is still hard to close another 'stage'.  It will be hard to continue next year without these friends.  I will miss them.
But I was also forced to think about next year—when it is my turn.  It's going to be absolutely insane!  On the last week of school, the final Friday will mark the end of exams, Saturday will be my graduation, and on Sunday, I will (most likely) be leaving for Italy!  And after Italy, more craziness. . . (cue man voice): Job hunting!
my  (!)
It will be good.  It will be fast.  It will be sooo . . . whorl-windy.  I feel dizzy already.

I'm suddenly very thankful for the break that I have this summer... God, I'm glad you know what you're doing, cuz I sure don't!

I love you, oh Lord, my strength 
Psalm 18:1

May 19, 2011

Parental Persona

There is a bird's nest on our roof—and there is a perfect view of the entrance to this little oasis from my favorite rocking chair on the porch (okay, it's the only one, but it's still my favorite!)
So I've spent quite a bit of time admiring the parents as they are striving to keep their darling hungry mouths full.  Though I am not entirely sure which one is "mom" and which one is "dad"(though I have my suspicions), it has been extremely amusing to watch the two parents and discover some of their personalities.
Both are not extremely fond of me, though Persistent Parent has largely gotten over the initial shock of my rocking form.  Though still looking me up and down before continuing with the necessary feeding ritual, Persistent Parent does not waste much time after obtaining the newly deceased grub.  One glance at me, one hop to the entrance, another glance at me, and into the nest!  Followed by a choirs of excited and slightly demanding chirps that are enough to make any sentimental soul give a hushed 'awe'.
Paranoid Parent, on the other hand, is quite at a loss as to what to do with me, and is continually eyeing me and hopping about nervously.  Though finally able to take an occasional mouthful to the Brood, Paranoid Parent spends quite a bit of time watching me and flying back and forth between our house and the neighbors.  Persistent Parent is in quite a pickle to keep the Brood satisfied, though even Paranoid Parent has been able to make a few feeds within the past two hours.

I have never wanted to climb onto the roof so much in my life, though I am entirely convinced that Paranoid Parent would have a heart attack, and then where would Persistent Parent be?  Needless to say, I shall not be making the climb quite yet.  Maybe this weekend. . .

Loving the little chirps—loving the sunshine.
Pictures later :)

On My Heart and In My Study

For the past year or so a few things have really been on my heart.  The reality behind some of the 'rules' that we place upon each other as Christians has struck me and has become a continual tug upon the strings behind my soul.
Legalism—or in plain English: Tiring rules with little-to-no foundation.  Most of these rules are unwritten, and some are even good things to follow, though are not "laws" and should not be shoved upon those around us.  We as Christians often strive to take God's place unconsciously, or try to put our individual choices upon others and make them follow them—or label them as "bad" or "less spiritual" Christians because the do not play by our rules.
For example: Because it is my personal choice not to drink alcohol does not mean that I have any right to look down on those who do.  Nowhere in the Bible does it say "Thou shalt never drink a drop of fermented drink".  Christ drank wine, am I better than Him?


I do reserve the right, however, to confront my friend who may have a drinking problem, because we are instructed to refrain from drunkenness (Eph 5:18).

Anywho, it has been so great to read about some of this in my Paul Bible Study.  It's sometimes hard to let God be the Boss.  To allow Him to make the rules, and not try to make my own.  To remember that I am so sinful myself, and that I cannot be better than someone else just because I wore a skirt to church last Sunday while someone else wore jeans.

The Lord does not look at the things people look at.  People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7b

May 17, 2011

Self Promotion

Here is the result of some of my web design labors this past semester: my portfolio site
While the other sites I made are no longer online, I did make one other fully functioning site, as well as one home page remake of an actual site (a horrid one, I might add) that only had roll over images and a basic layout.
Then my final project was to create a portfolio site for myself, one that effectively reflected my design style and my goals as a designer.
Take a look, feedback welcome as always :)

May 13, 2011

The Power of The Attitude

There was an outbreak of the stomach flu in Arborshire the past two weeks—so bad that graduation was postponed a week!  When it first broke out there was no cause for me to worry, in fact I was almost entirely unaware of it until it began to cause the cancelation of non-academic events on Campus, including Midnight breakfast!  Heartbreaking? yes.  I was rather disappointed.
Anyway, in our housing unit, there was not much worry of the "plague", though a few girls did get it—it was largely in the underclassmen living areas, specifically those with the community bathrooms.  Gross, huh?  So we had no reason to fear the plague—until, that is, it struck home.

Hillary got the plague.

Yes, while I was at work, my roommate sent me a message to tell me that Hillary had gotten sick.  We screamed a little, and then Brit went on a cleaning frenzy as we realized that Hilly-Bee pretty much lived in our room, and thus, plague-like germs were in our living space.
Not okay.

Suddenly, I felt extremely tired.  This was not quite how I planned on spending my finals week.  And my stomach started to flip a little—I knew that I already had it.  When I got back to the room, turned out that my roommates weren't feeling so hot either.  Awesome.  A room full of sick college girls.  Emily spent the entire night in the bathroom, Britney couldn't sleep and I had a sour stomach.

Until, that is, Hillary came in the next morning and told us that she was only sick once, slept all night, ate breakfast and felt great.

Then we all felt fine, haha

May 11, 2011

DTS logo

Logo design that I did this semester.  I haven't quite finished the entire identity system, and I haven't even presented the logo to the owner of the company (hehe, they don't know that I took over their identity system).  I doubt that I will even show them to be honest, I just needed something for my assignment!
Anywho, feedback welcome—it's obviously a tax service, so I was going for professional and I threw things together.

Geometric Sherlock

Here is my last design for Graphic Design 3.  HOORAY! I'm finally done with that class!!!  I grew a whole lot, but I'm glad to be headed towards a break, though I'm having more trouble then I can express with actually relaxing.  I have this thought in the back of my mind that I'm not quite done yet, even though I am in no mood to do anything productive—academic wise anyway.
Anyway, I am obviously getting distracted (another quality that is consistent with my newly–freed, brain–dead–self).  Even when I began this design, I was getting rather frustrated and ready to be done.  I wanted to try a more abstracted illustration and came up with this design.  Not sure how it works, or if it even represents the book / target audience well, but oh well, it's done now!

Feedback welcome, I am thinking about just scrapping this piece and trying something different...

May 10, 2011

Oh Pauly — day 1

I just started my Beth Moore bible study on Paul.
Excitement? YES!
And she's starting with the historical context?? Yes!  And even using a witty story as an aid to her points? YES! She must have done this before, cuz she's pretty good at it!  This Jesus-loving-history-buff is quite satisfied with the commencement.
It began so simply—reviewing the very beginning steps to how God prepared Paul for his ministry to come.  He was born into a good family, one that could give him the education that would become such a large tool in the future, the social standing (Roman citizenship) that would save his life, and the traditions that would give him a strong understanding of the God who commanded his life.  But despite this, Paul was born into a hostile world—one that did not smile upon his religious traditions—similarly to the world that we live in today.  I was challenged to look at how I respond to the way that my faith is received around me.  While in "the bubble", it is easier, in the 'real world', I know that I struggle with finally coming out and saying the truth—telling people how it is.  I can live out the faith, I can stand apart and be a witness towards something better—and people do notice that I have something different and even tell me so—but aside from a few instances, I still stutter when I try to tell people why I am filled with hope (1 Peter 3:15).

Day one and I'm already hooked—it's going to be a good 90 days or so—challenging, but good.  New book, new journal (also very exciting), new adventure (just finished classes for the semester—one final to go and I'm DONE), and a new drive to clean out the clutter in my living area! Who knows where this is going?

Excited for the new—but also glad to be returning to some of the old for a while (home!)

May 7, 2011

Baby Bliss

 Mandie came to visit, and she brought her beautiful new niece with her!  It was great to see them both, though I confess, I was rather hooked to little Taylor—so darling!  Here are some of the pictures we took—out of focus, she was a wiggly thing!  And the lighting wasn't ideal... thus a slow shutter speed, rats

Package for Logo

Here is the package design that goes with one of my recent logos.  Created for my GD3 class, the logo went over better than the actual package design—go figure, lol
Anywho, feedback welcome as I modify it for future shows (possibly...)

May 5, 2011

Friends in High (and low) Places

This week has been so long.  I have a ton to do, and I'm just worn out from all of the work that I have to get done—it's a manageable load, but I'm ready to be done with it for a while!
Anyway, today is placing me near the edge and the past 24 hours have been witness to a rather crabby Chocolate Lover!  Not too bad to people, but I feel crabby!
However, God knew just what I needed: I got 3 (count 'em: 1, 2, 3) encouragement notes from friends today.  And 2 of them were from people who had no idea about the show or anything that I have on my plate right now! I'm so thankful
After that I have been so uplifted.  God is so good—He sent me a lot of people this week to lift my spirits when I was feeling low.

I love you too, Lord!