Apr 28, 2012


It has begun!  The pre-wedding parties have started—beginning with one hosted by my nearest and dearest girlfriends :)  Mandie and Britney came from out of town and my housemates and Beej were here too!

Instead of the current bachelorette party trend, my friends threw a tea party!  And it was WONDERFUL, we all dressed up and drank tea and ate "tea sandwiches"(college student version), chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes!  Best.Party.Ever!

And the rings on these cupcakes lit up!  So we were all swinging around our giant light-up rings as we drank our tea.  Pinkies up!

And they got me a crown!  It was a blast, we wrapped up the evening by watching "Father of the Bride" together and then eventually changing into pjs and enjoying another movie with some lemonade.  I have the best friends ever—they know me so well

There is a lot to do before the wedding yet, but there is a lot on the move!  I can't believe we will be getting married in 70 days! Wow


Apr 25, 2012

Type Love

 This is where I brag about my typography skills and the fact that I am going to marry Superman (in about 75 days!)

Although... I confess, being "Mrs. Crouch" still sounds really weird... (that's his mom!)


Apr 17, 2012

Sneak Peek —Spring '12

Here is a horrid cell phone photo of my latest project sitting on the floor of my dorm room (thus the unrelated wood beams in the photograph).

I am working on a "conceptual" piece—they want a masterpiece, but sense I cannot seem to figure out what that actually means, they're getting this.  It's much looser than I usually work, but it's still modeled, I'm working with charcoal and pastel pencils and I am just really enjoying myself!
I wish I could describe the feeling of a project—specifically a figure—come to life under your finger tips.  That moment when you swish your drawing tool just right and there it is!

Endorphins flying everywhere!
Heart racing with excitement and you do a little hop of glee before continuing with fresh zeal!

Because I'm enjoying the project so much, I have refrained from showing it to Bippes yet.  So far each of my projects have been moved to the computer—which is fine, I mean, that's part of what I do—but really? I finally get a semester to illustrate (draw!!) and I have to spend it on the computer.

Anywho, I'm going to have to show him soon, because I'm pretty far along... but I'm going to wait just a little longer.  Maybe Friday morning will witness a reveal—which would mean a reveal on here of course :)

Stay posted!


Apr 16, 2012

Triptic with a Bike

Here is my latest illustration.
Okay, not my latest—but it's the only one I have to post right now!

I did this piece 5 different times. FIVE.
Each time I changed media or style until Bippes finally just said—"do it on the computer", but at least now I can change and tweek things the way he wants them without wanting to pull my hair out!

So there you have it—riding through the seasons and across the world. 
Go For It.

Feedback welcome as always!  More to come...


Apr 15, 2012

Five for the Week

Five quick things that happened this week—a peak into my life right now:

1. Thursday featured a Kettle bell workout.  Friday featured extreme pain in shoulders and legs, ooouch!  Hopefully July will feature a more toned bride.  We'll see.

2. Professor Bippes had his retirement show yesterday (Saturday), which means that I was in charge of getting all the student workers together on Friday and Saturday—making sure that they were where they needed to be as we cleaned the entire building from top to bottom and moved tables and chairs, put up signs, prepared food and prepped the gallery.  Then Saturday I helped to run the event.  Can you say suppa-fatigued?  Last night consisted of me falling asleep at random moments—sometimes in mid-conversation.  Sorry Todd.

3. One of my best friends and my sister are both trying a "no-poo" technique with their hair.  No worries, your digestive system is not involved in any way!  But it's a fast from the more harmful effects of shampoo—which strips your hair of the natural oils that actually give you stronger, more manageable hair!  I've considered trying it myself, but your hair goes through a 3-4 week transition period where it is extra oily because your scalp has adjusted to producing more than enough oils to compensate for the loss it goes through each wash.  I'm not sure I am willing to go through that transition—at least not right now... there are so many important things coming up that I'm afraid to risk looking awful just yet! haha

4. Second job interview is this upcoming Thursday (prayer please!), and I've continued contact with a third company.  It makes me rather nervous, and I'm a little scared to "grow up", though it's also exciting.  We'll see what happens!

5. I'm doing a "conceptual" drawing for my advanced class!  The idea is a little "typical depressed art student", but I'm having fun pursuing art with my hands again—even the artwork I've been doing for my illustration class has largely been pushed to the computer—kind of a bummer.  We'll see what the professors think, and hopefully I'll have something to post soon!

Apr 9, 2012

Coming Closer...

Look who gets to GRADUATE!!!
Last week they gave out our lovely hats and the mounds of fabric we are supposed to swim across the stage in on May 12th :)

As you can almost tell from the horrid camera-phone image (I need to get my DSLR out again... didn't I buy it to USE it?!), I am rather excited about the upcoming commencement.  It's weird, I didn't think I would ever want to leave the Arborshire, but I am almost "ready"...  While I still love it—and I wouldn't trade my time here for anything (not even a for cancellation of the ever-daunting loans)—I am starting to have growing pains.  It's time to start the next stage, to go out and begin the work that I have been training to do.

I'm super scared, but also growing excited!  A new (dare I say it?) "adventure" awaits! 


Apr 7, 2012

On Duty...?

Haha, well at least I can say that I'm loved...
I think?

Yeah, I have some good (weird) friends.


Apr 4, 2012

An Oldie for Ya'

This is a piece that I did for the end of semester show last year (spring '11).  I wanted to include an illustrated piece as well as my graphic design and photography work.  I also wanted an excuse to play around with my new colored pencils ;) hehe

Okay, so that was the real reason I made it...

Either way, I realized that I never posed this piece, so here it is at last—almost a year after I created it.  But the nice thing is that it ended up in my senior show, so this little piece has been in two shows so far.  Kinda exciting :)