Jun 26, 2010


Sleep Away Camp—or should it be, 'lack-of-sleep-while-away-at-camp'?
My mental clock has officially switched to camp-time. I have been awake since about 6am and unable to fall back to sleep. This is not exactly habitual for me. I'm more the type to sleep for 24 hours rather than not be able to sleep...
Oh, silliness

Jun 19, 2010

Along Lake Michigan

Nobody can beat God when it comes to breath-taking beauty! This photo is from the SBC counselor trip to Lake Michigan. I wish I could say that this photo translates God's power accurately, but it's just not possible!

Jun 14, 2010

Just Call Me "Gimpy"

Unfortunately, I've had a small 'challenge' of my own to face this past weekend. After watching the England / USA world cup soccer game on Saturday, the ex-soccer players in the group couldn't resist playing a quick game of pick-up (myself included). It has been a few years since I've played, but I was thankful that some of the footwork came back after a few minutes of messing with the ball. It was a lot of fun, and we had some good laughs.
However, one of my past specialties did not return as quickly as the others: hopping over a slide tackle. I had never been hit by a single slide tackle--that is, before Saturday at 8:10pm. I was always able to see them out of the corner of my eye and hop just in time to get out with the ball on the other side. But on Saturday, one of my dear friends--who shares the same competitive nature that I am guilty of--slide tackled and accidentally hit me instead of the ball. I was down instantly, and a sprained ankle has been my constant companion ever since. But thanks to great friends, prayer support from home, and God of course, I have been healing quickly and even ran during the "Amazing Race: SBC addition" this evening (which may have been a bad idea, but it was fun).
The swelling is still pretty bad, and after the race I acquired a new shade of purple, but the pain has decreased to a point that I can get around without too many breaks or piggy-back rides. Though I'm afraid to say that I look like an obese penguin when try to walk! haha
At least I am able to provide some entertainment for everyone :)

SBC--Friends and Lake Michigan

Okay, so we're already into the second week of camp, but I haven't had much time to contribute to the blog. That might not be a good excuse, but it's all I've got.
We were camping on Lake Michigan for the first two days, which is absolutely breath taking! It was a great time to get to know everyone on the counseling staff(- 2). We were also given some serious God-time, which was wonderful! Just listening to God--something that has been lacking in a bad way in my life. Who knew that you had to listen to God to hear Him?? (enter sarcasm here)
Hopefully I will have photos of that part of my adventure up soon. Unfortunately I don't have my own laptop here, or the cable that transfers my photos, so it might not happen for a while.
We (the counseling staff) also had the privilege of participating in all of the games / challenges that our campers will do in the next few weeks. That was a blast, and I only wish we could do more! We work well together (in my opinion anyway) and I just enjoy being around everyone on our team. I am so blessed to have each one of them!

365 Project

I just realized that I have not advertised my new hobby (that is currently on hold... hmm). I have recently begun participating in the 365 Project. It's a great way for me to practice my photography and keep developing my artistic eye (which is embarrassingly poor) while I am on vacation this summer.
At camp I will be unable to load any photos, but whenever I am back home I will load a large amount at a time. So, if you're even slightly interested, the link to my account is the highlighted '365 Project' above.