Jan 24, 2011

Goodbyes—Round 1

Fearsome-foursome—out for our last night all together at Arborshire(officially). Tomorrow afternoon Mandie will be headed home for student teaching while the rest of us continue on with the next semester. There are a lot of good-byes for the next few years, and knowing this added to some extra pain behind this one. We'll miss her a ton, but we're super excited for her and her new adventure :)
And of course we expect her to visit regularly, haha

Jan 22, 2011

Origami Fun

Mandie has introduced me to origami this week, which could be a bad thing... I'm having fun with it despite the knowledge that I will most likely not have time for it in the future!
At this point, we're playing off of each other really well—she has the old expertise, and I'm new enough to try anything, so it doesn't take us too long to get past slight confusions.
These photos were taken while we were trying to make turtles. I'll upload a photo of the final products later! They turned out pretty well if I do say so myself :)

Jan 18, 2011

New Camera!

About a week ago I was finally able to hold my lovely new camera: a Canon Rebel T1i. Though I only have the lens that it came with, I am having a lot of fun playing with it! And I can live with it being less than perfect—I'm still just learning how it works and everything I've done so far has been purely experimental. While I did take a film class with a slr, it has taken a little to get back into the grove of things and to remember the quirks that come when working with manual settings!
So here are some examples of my playing—hopefully more later this afternoon, most are still on my camera as of yet

Jan 16, 2011

Just Call Me "Gimpy" (x2)

Wow, it's just been one of those weekends. Somewhat amusing, but potentially frustrating. It began on Friday afternoon at the skating rink. I lost my gloves there—no big deal right? They're just gloves and I can always buy another pair. But that is the third time I've lost my gloves in a month—after more than 6 years without losing a single pair. Unfortunately I don't have much hope of getting them back this time, so I am going to have to invest in some new ones. Rather frustrating, especially as I walk across campus in the cold. But the irony has been the source of a few good jokes lately, hah
When I realized that I had lost my gloves—yet again—it was as I went back into the car and spilled the remainder of my milkshake all over my red coat. Phooey. Yes, the popular dome caps with the holes on the top are not my friends, and I have once again proven against any grace I might have once had. It is truly gone :( Haha, so I spent a good half hour trying to clean out my coat before bed that night, and dealing with the fear that I could have bleached or discolored my deep red, dry-clean-only coat! I am unfortunately rather proud when it comes to that coat, and I was a little crabby at the idea of it being destroyed. So it might have been a good experience, considering that I had to rethink my priorities in that area and get over some of my pride! haha
But I woke up the next morning to find my red coat just as deep and lovely as ever—though still rather damp from the soaking I gave it.
And unfortunately, Saturday I was dealing with a kink in my neck and ended up spending the majority of the afternoon lying in bed with Mandie's heating pad on my neck. A minor setback and a chance to do some reading, but still rather annoying—mostly just a nagging, minimal pain. But I still went sledding later that afternoon with the Chelsea Baptist Church youth group. That was a lot of fun! I wouldn't have minded getting to sled a little bit more than we did, but it was still fun. When we went to have dinner at the youth leader's parent's house (wow, that's a mouth full) and it was delish of course :)
Shortly after—as in, right after—began an ice hockey game on the pond in the backyard. This was my third time skating in the past few weeks, but it still took me a few almost-falls to get back into the grove of things. But it was really fun, I've never skated on a pond before and I actually enjoyed it more than indoors. I'm not much of a skater and despite the practice I've had lately, I am still not very good at all! I had one fall—just one—and I landed on my tailbone and my right wrist pretty hard. Though I haven't looked, I am under the impression that my tailbone is a lovely shade of purple and I sprained my wrist. I even had to ask for help to get my hoodie off last night—how embarrassing!
Then yesterday (Sunday) I was a little late for church because it took longer to get ready because of my wrist. So I walked in a little after they started the Sunday school. Shortly after I sat down I was asked—as the art major of the group—to write the prayer requests on the board! ...um, I can't really write at this point... not for very long at least! My roommates had gotten there shortly before me and I thought maybe they had told the leaders and that they were just making fun of me (that would not exactly be a-typical of them!), but they were completely serious! Haha, and so my friends and I exchanged looks of confusion as I walked up to the board. I didn't have too much trouble, but I can't twist my wrist very much so I had to twist my body in order to write! I'm sure I looked ridiculous—all because I was too prideful to say 'no', but it didn't hurt much until the end and shortly after that I was able to go back to my seat. We (roommates and I) laughed quite a bit about over lunch—a little storm cloud has followed me around this weekend, but it's still been a great one!

Jan 4, 2011

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