Nov 19, 2012

Wedding Pictures {Finally}

For those of you who were not able to make it to our wedding, here is a glimpse of the festivities for you to enjoy now!

 The boys enjoyed playing on the Wii and eating snacks while waiting for the ceremony to start

The girls: 4 sisters and 2 of my best friends / college roommates and 1 me :)

The boys: 2 brothers, 4 best friends and 1 stud of a groom

 The flashing decoy ring that they handed us first—so funny!

All of our home-made desserts at the dessert bar! (minus the cake, we didn't make the cake! lol)

The cake to match our invitations, and the last minute topper!
(I found it about a week before the wedding to replace the monogram that Todd hated! lol)

 Camp family—wouldn't have happened without them!

 Taking the "plunge" into marriage—gift from our sister, Shana

 All of our "bling"

And of course, Superman had to show off a little :)

I wasn't about to let them leave me out ;)

The wedding was great—but so far, marriage has been even better!  Hope you enjoyed the photos!