Nov 23, 2008

Still Life of Colored Construction Paper

Edited: Dec 1

My latest was made of 3 pieces of colored construction paper. 2 of the pieces had to be complementary colors (the orange and the blue), but we could choose whatever color we wanted for the 3rd (the green).
We were supposed to show how color reflects surrounding color in this project
-The green alone the blue "floor"
-The orange added in the left fold on the green
-The blue in the green cavity
-The green in the cast shadow on the orange background

This piece ended up on the "art of the week" wall too :-)
I'm not sure what grade I got on it yet but i would imagine that I got an "A" for it. This class isn't quite as awful as my drawing class when it comes to grades

Nov 14, 2008

Color Piece

Ok, first of all I want to present the problem with abstract pieces. This piece is hanging sideways - I had it so that the red berries were in the upper right hand corner. It doesn't matter too much, but that is how it was when I was working on it so it just looks strange to me!
This is a piece that I painted using Gouache - an illustrator's paint. The point of the exercise was to copy the design from a piece of fabric with a bold print and to cut a small piece out of the fabric and place it on the canvas. Then the canvas is divided into 6 sections:
1. Fabric (the small piece of fabric that was cut out)
2. Color matching (match the colors in the fabric)
3. Complementary Colors
4. Opposite Value
5. Opposite Intensity
6. Color matching

This piece was an "A"

Conte Still Life

Still life using Conte - which is a lot like Charcoal. The still life was a little off (the cone on the left was tilted slightly) and so I drew it how I saw it. Unfortunately that throws the whole composition off and when the viewer does not have the still life right in front of them, then the piece just looks wrong.
Oh well, I guess that's one of the "artistic liberties" that I am supposed to take.

This was actually done before the other light study began but I couldn't get a picture of this one before now.

This piece was given a "B+"

Nov 11, 2008

Light Study

Edited: Dec 1
This is a still life that my professor put together so we could study light. We were given a black sheet of paper and a piece of chalk.

I really liked it and I kinda want to do it again :-)

I got a "A-/B+" for this piece
Don't ask me what that means, I have no idea!