Nov 14, 2008

Color Piece

Ok, first of all I want to present the problem with abstract pieces. This piece is hanging sideways - I had it so that the red berries were in the upper right hand corner. It doesn't matter too much, but that is how it was when I was working on it so it just looks strange to me!
This is a piece that I painted using Gouache - an illustrator's paint. The point of the exercise was to copy the design from a piece of fabric with a bold print and to cut a small piece out of the fabric and place it on the canvas. Then the canvas is divided into 6 sections:
1. Fabric (the small piece of fabric that was cut out)
2. Color matching (match the colors in the fabric)
3. Complementary Colors
4. Opposite Value
5. Opposite Intensity
6. Color matching

This piece was an "A"


Anonymous said...

Nice. It was very difficult to find the fabric.

Diane said...

VERY interesting! Nice work.

Its funny that it got hung side-ways.

Ms.Lo said...

I like it hanging like this...

Ms.Lo said...

Are you entering this in the Art Show? Is this the one your professor wanted you to enter?