Nov 11, 2008

Light Study

Edited: Dec 1
This is a still life that my professor put together so we could study light. We were given a black sheet of paper and a piece of chalk.

I really liked it and I kinda want to do it again :-)

I got a "A-/B+" for this piece
Don't ask me what that means, I have no idea!


Anonymous said...

creepy faces kinda remind me of clowns

-The Conanator!

Chocolate Lover said...

They are kinda creepy - but my other options were a scull or some weird egg-head creature...
And this still life was nice and big and I love working BIG!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job on this one. I just try not to look at those creepy faces too much... but you did them well -- I remember the models in the studio.

Nice shading!

alex said...

another new post? SWEET.

Great art

Anonymous said...

I heard you got an A- on this one. Good job!

Ms.Lo said...

It looks amazing enlarged. You are really growing as an artist.

SiSi said...

this is so sweet! man, u r 2 awesom 4 me!

ps. i wonder who the 'Conanator' is?