Dec 30, 2012

Still Competing

About two weeks ago I received an Email from the Ella Sharp Museum of Art and History about a portrait show that I had entered in the spring.  Though I haven't thought about it much, I am starting to get excited about it now that the opening day for the show is coming closer!

I entered 3 portraits and 2 were accepted into the competition.  I'm pretty content that I have had 2 pieces excepted, but it will be exciting to see everything hung up on January 12th.  Though I doubt that I will receive any awards, I thought I would share what pieces actually made it into the show with you:

"Tell Me I'm Pretty" and "The Rewards of Time", an old piece from Drawing 3, that period of time where I feared that art and all the love that I have for it might just be sucked out of me.  Thus, no post about it from the past—however, this piece was in the end of semester show that year, and it even made an additional appearance in my senior show (seen among photos here).

"Tell Me I'm Pretty"

"Rewards of Time" (originally known by it's pet-name: "Botox")

Though I never really cared about names before, my final show at the Arborshire taught me to consider them more carefully (the judge put a lot of weight on the titles! So for the future... it can't hurt to have better names, right?)

Dec 19, 2012

Christmas Rush

Now that I'm officially "in" the business of designing and illustrating, things have grown rather hectic with the holiday season.  Some of it is just a coincidence, but there is plenty of work that is purely Christmas related.  I'm currently working on a gift for my uncle that has consumed the majority of my morning (one day, I will be a fast designer... but that day is not today unfortunately...)

Obviously, still in the works.  But THIS designer needs lunch, so I'm breaking (also, I am behind on landry and I want that "wife of the year" award!
But while I'm at it, here's a Christmas card design that I did for one of the students at SCS last week:

I don't really like it at this point, but you can be the judge.