Dec 19, 2011

SBC Christmas

Photo credit: JenJen

We have some non-costume pictures of us as an engaged couple now!  Our friend Jen took some pictures of us by the tree at the summer staff Christmas party this past weekend (thanks dear).  It was a great time overall.  Some of us came the day before and spent the night—that was a blast!  We ate food (lots and lots), hung out by the fire, swapped stories, laughed (lots and lots), ate more food (seriously, tons of food), stayed up too late, took random naps (just because we could), played games in the gym, and then attended the dinner party on Sunday night.
It was great! And of course, spending time with my special Mr was wonderful.  Even without the snow, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

Photo credit: Emily (?)

Dec 15, 2011

Typography_Isaiah 40:3

I did end up entering this piece into the show, however, it did not make it :(
My professors really liked this piece, though, I confess, I feel as though it was not pushed far enough.  I am, however, glad to accept it as "done" and move onto more pieces!

I will probably make more prints of this piece, because it has already received some good response. 
Feedback welcome!


Brawn: Skinny Man's Guide

Here is my graphic illustration / info-graphic from advanced GD this semester.  My brother served as a model for the piece, and helped to provide the information, which was very nice. :)

Anywho, after I made this piece, I was not exactly thrilled with the result—but my professors seem to like it, so that's good!  I was originally going to submit it into the show, but then decided against it at the last minute.

Dec 12, 2011

Alla Prima, Painting Final

Here's my final painting for the semester (taken with my phone, sorry for the poor quality (again...)

We came to class today with our canvas already stretched over the weekend, and when she let us into the room, we had to pick a still life out of the 5 or 6 she had set up, make 5 thumb-nail sketches, a value sketch, a sketch on the canvas and then paint, paint, PAINT.
All in three hours.

Well, based on the short amount of time, I'm pretty happy with this piece!  I think I like it better than most of my other paintings this semester, haha
I have some things to fix, but once it's a little more dry I can do that rather quickly.  I need to add more shadows, add some of the blues to the other side of the canvas a little (in the shadow of the fabric), pull the foreground up in value, and get the hues within the different fruit to differentiate more.
Feedback welcome!


My Ring

I finally got my camera back, and now I have pictures of the ring for all of you :)

I love it

It adds something girly to my man-ish hands! haha  I'm still surprised when I look down and see it.  And I'm caught staring at it, or squealing "ah!" as I think about the fact that this actually happened!
I'm SO excited! I'm going to marry my best friend!



Dec 11, 2011

Going To The Chapel

My last post (the day I posted about spotted beards and Christmas candy) was the day before one of the very best days in the history of best days...

But I didn't know it at the time.
Or the next morning for that matter.
I had no idea that I was about to become one of the most excited girls ever.

I was volunteering at Somerset Beach Campground's Live Nativity in the evening with some great friends and co-workers—and, of course, my Superman :)  The Live Nativity is great, I look forward to it—but it is COLD!  We bundle up so much that we resemble marshmallows in our lovely Bible-time costumes.  Usually when Todd and I are back at Somerset, we'll go for a walk before actually leaving the Campground.  It's nice, we get a chance to catch up on the week, and remember some of the crazy things that have happened to us at camp.  So we went for our walk, and it was great as always.  After making our loop around the West campground, we walked back to the parking lot—but instead of walking back to the car, we went to the beach instead.  (I am still surprised that I did not catch on to that...)  Anyway, we walked up to the beach and saw a swing hanging from the tree by the boat house!

Now, some background: Before we were dating (and some after), we would talk on the swings a lot—and once we were swinging rather late in the evening and were picked on by the other counselors. And "teenagers staying out late on the swings" were mentioned a few days later in our security meeting (not about us specifically, but I still turned a few shades of pink).  

But because of that, "swings" is one of our little inside jokes, and we had actually just been talking about that meeting and remembered how embarrassed I was.  Thus, a swing that neither of us had ever seen before was kind of a huge deal, and we started taking turns on it.  It was great!
After trying out the swing, Todd gave me a bag of Dove chocolate—similar to the one he gave me before we were dating—the week I had my Senior Teen girls—(that had confused me greatly the whole week, because I already had a huge crush on him, but of course didn't think he was interested).  Then Todd encouraged me to get back onto the swing, and he stood behind me as we talked and I went back and forth.

I distinctly remember noticing that he wasn't saying much anymore.  But apparently I just like the sound of my own voice, because it didn't phase me at all, and I kept talking, assuming that he would pipe in when he was done with his own thoughts.  And he did... kinda.  After a moment, Todd called my name and upon turning around I found my favorite young man on one knee, with a small white ring box in his hand.
I'm not sure how I got off the swing, but the next thing I remember, I was standing in front of him—completely in shock, trying to figure out what was going on.  He asked me to marry him and I clasped my mitten-ed hands over my face and said "ohmygosh" a few dozen times before I was finally able to give him a resounding "yes!" and buried my face in his shoulder.  He laughed at me :)

Best night ever?

Swing, Chocolate, Superman, Promise.
Yeah, it was perfect :)

But of course, it wouldn't do to have everything happen without a single snag!  That's just not how we do things.  This is the only picture of us that we have from that night, because Todd's camera battery was frozen and I had lent mine out to a friend for the week.
So here we are, just hours before our engagement, in our ridiculous costumes.

I may be a little bias, but I think we make a cute pair, don't you? ;)

You can see pictures of the ring here: RING


Dec 1, 2011

Candy Canes and No-Shave

YAY! First candy cane of the season :D
I am very much enjoying it, and very much ready for Christmas.

Another, less recognized holiday is being celebrated today.  No-shave November is officially over and it is that wonderful time of year when all the men in your life begin to look well groomed once again!  Yay! (just kidding guys... mostly...)
I really don't have anything against beards, and I even think it looks really good on some people—but keep it TIDY!  And if it's patchy...?  After a month or so of being surrounded by gnarly, unkept, babe-repellent beards, I'm looking forward to seeing the clean shaves! haha