Apr 30, 2010

Personal ID system

Incase you don't remember, I had to make a personal identity system for my graphic design class a few months ago. I never had a chance to load everything up, but here's what I finally ended up with. The blurry patches on the letterhead, and CD labels are where the address and Email would go—but I originally had some accurate information on those so I blocked them out :)
The rest is fake.
I got an A- on this project over all. I still have to tweak the logo, but other than that it's finished for now. I really want to go back into it over the summer and come up with something more creative, but I didn't have time during the semester because I completely revised the logo the day before it was due (stupid, but it looks much better!)

Feedback is welcome as always!

Apr 29, 2010

Porchfest — 2010

Yet another reason to love the school I attend :)
Hopefully you'll be able to see the video—it's SO funny (click on 'Porchfest' at beginning of post)

Apr 26, 2010

Unfinished work

I realized that I haven't posted anything in a while—this is largely because I am going absolutely INSANE! But that's okay :)
Also, some of the subjects I am working on in Drawing 2 are not exactly something that I want to post. Maybe after I fix them...
But this is a portrait that is unfinished but will hopefully be done soon! Feedback welcome of course

Apr 13, 2010

Puppy Trump Card

Today in the lobby I noticed that there was yet another single male guitar player, singing away in the middle of the building as though he had no other care in the world. This is not an unusual occurrence at Spring Arbor, and these (rather smart) young men are almost always surrounded by single residents of our all girls dorm wearing "I heart Jesus" t-shirts and a dreamy haze over their eyes.
Unlike the past performers however, this individual was relatively alone and did not have much hope of being joined later. It had nothing to do with talent—from what I heard, he was quite good—but unfortunately for this poor individual, there was another heart throb in the building. A puppy. This puppy held the trump card against all other distractions and many girls from around the building were seen racing to the RD's room in hopes of having a chance to hold it.

Puppy: 1
Guitar Man: 0

Sorry buddy, try again another day—competition is a little steep this time around

Apr 12, 2010

The Domino Effect—Nap Edition

Mandie and Becky came into my room and interrupted my accidental nap so that we could go to dinner. As we waited for Emily to come back from class, I was joined on the couch and we experienced the domino effect and another short nap (about 2 minutes) until Emily came in and took a photo of us.

I love my friends :)

Apr 10, 2010

Shower Dash

My girlfriends and I watched the Blind Side last night. It was so good! But the 'fun' started after the movie was over. First of all, we were watching Elmo prank calls on YouTube, (which are absolutely hilarious!) but around 1:30am Mandie and I discovered that we both needed to shower that night...
Thus began the mad dash for the "warm" shower—also known as the one closest to the window. Talking trash all the way, Mandie and myself grabbed our shower caddies and towels as fast as possible. There was screaming and laughing, but unfortunately Mandie won (I'm convinced that it is because I had to run down to my room while she was already in her's). I was forced to settle with the less than perfect "2nd best" shower.
The strange events of the night did not end with that: I dropped my razor and it absolutely exploded! I mean, into 3 pieces! That was frustrating to say the least—thankfully I had an extra in my room.

Apr 1, 2010

Personal Logo—Final

This is what I finally ended up with for my logo design—though the name is not always featured below it. Attitude is key