Apr 13, 2010

Puppy Trump Card

Today in the lobby I noticed that there was yet another single male guitar player, singing away in the middle of the building as though he had no other care in the world. This is not an unusual occurrence at Spring Arbor, and these (rather smart) young men are almost always surrounded by single residents of our all girls dorm wearing "I heart Jesus" t-shirts and a dreamy haze over their eyes.
Unlike the past performers however, this individual was relatively alone and did not have much hope of being joined later. It had nothing to do with talent—from what I heard, he was quite good—but unfortunately for this poor individual, there was another heart throb in the building. A puppy. This puppy held the trump card against all other distractions and many girls from around the building were seen racing to the RD's room in hopes of having a chance to hold it.

Puppy: 1
Guitar Man: 0

Sorry buddy, try again another day—competition is a little steep this time around


Ms.Lo said...

Oh gosh, that's funny! I see the puppy won YOUR heart, as well.

FootballDude said...

Yes but can the puppy beat hunky muscle bound dude?? I think not!

sara luke said...

Love it.

Ms.Lo said...

Your brother needs a doggie

Ms.Lo said...

Dad posing as me about the "doggie". Again, his spelling gives him away. ;-)