Apr 30, 2010

Personal ID system

Incase you don't remember, I had to make a personal identity system for my graphic design class a few months ago. I never had a chance to load everything up, but here's what I finally ended up with. The blurry patches on the letterhead, and CD labels are where the address and Email would go—but I originally had some accurate information on those so I blocked them out :)
The rest is fake.
I got an A- on this project over all. I still have to tweak the logo, but other than that it's finished for now. I really want to go back into it over the summer and come up with something more creative, but I didn't have time during the semester because I completely revised the logo the day before it was due (stupid, but it looks much better!)

Feedback is welcome as always!


Ms.Lo said...

Love the colors. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

I like this one better than the first, the other one seemed to miss something.