May 26, 2009


Our God is so powerful that He created the sun.
And the sun itself is so powerful that it can burn us here on earth even though it is thousands of miles away!
... guess who forgot to put on sunblock while playing volleyball outside all day?
Yeah, I now have a lovely farmer's burn-not tan, burn. But it was a cool reminder of how powerful God is-if the sun is just one of the small things that God created, imagine how powerful HE is!

May 14, 2009

3D Final - Plaster

This is my final piece for 3D - I had to create separate plaster pieces again that fit together with only the help of gravity. Only, this time I had to make 12!
It took me almost 3 weeks, with every class period and all of my free time spent on this! I am so sick of the smell of plaster, how it feels both dry AND wet! But I'm very happy with how it turned out, and it made it into the end of semester show so it can't be too bad!
I received an "A-" on this piece, which is pretty exciting for this class (at least for me)

May 13, 2009

Cute Old Lady

This is probably my best piece of the semester. This isn't the greatest picture of it, but it's hanging up in the gallery right now, so this is about as good as it will get until September when I get the piece back.
From my 2D class. We were studying textures, and I had to find 20 different textures and re-create a photo out of them. 20 two inch squares. Each a different texture. Each trying to blend in with the others. Each helping to create the same face.
Anyway, I picked a photo of this adorable old lady! Definitely my favorite piece of the semester, and now that it is in the Show I have gotten a lot of compliments on it!!
I hope you like it too!

May 11, 2009

Pure Design

Updated - 5/18/2009
This project was my last one for 2D design. Pure design, with one dominant element, and one dominant principle.
I decided to have Emphasis for my Principle and Line for my Element. I'm not very proud of this piece, in fact I wasn't going to post it but I figured it was only fair. Unfortunately I struggle with pure creativity a little more than my peers, and I'm kinda burned out... haha - oh well, maybe I'll re-do it over the Summer and regain some of my dignity!
I'm now done with intro to 2D design now. I still have some things to post from this class, and I'll try and get those up as soon as possible - I hope you've enjoyed it so far!
I received a "B" on this piece - Professor Shaw wasn't very fond of it either I guess! haha

May 2, 2009

10 minute Break

I don't get many breaks, but I enjoy the ones that I do get to the fullest!
I really like to play with photos when I'm taking my breaks (which is a good thing considering that I'm going into Graphics). I haven't gotten a chance to "play" in a long time, but it's been a frustrating 24 hours and I need a rest.
So here it is, me sitting on my dresser after editing and practicing my speech. Played with it for about 10 minutes, now I'm off to the art center yet again!

May 1, 2009

2 More Weeks

In 2 weeks I will be home! I can't believe it, I'm almost done with my freshmen year...
But first I have to get through the art show. It's this week - I've already started getting ready and the insanity has only begun! I'm hoping to get most of my stuff matted and framed before I have class time to do it on Wednesday because everything is due by 5 on Thursday. Then comes the judging, and the waiting. It's agonizing, we have no idea if ANY of our pieces made it into the show until Friday at 4 pm. And we have to wait until after the Judge talks for half an hour--normally enjoyable, but not so much when you just want him to finish!
So this week will be stressful - on top of the art show I have to finish my plaster piece (for the show), give a presentation, 2 quizzes, and eat.
My feet--show in the picture--will hurt. A lot