May 11, 2009

Pure Design

Updated - 5/18/2009
This project was my last one for 2D design. Pure design, with one dominant element, and one dominant principle.
I decided to have Emphasis for my Principle and Line for my Element. I'm not very proud of this piece, in fact I wasn't going to post it but I figured it was only fair. Unfortunately I struggle with pure creativity a little more than my peers, and I'm kinda burned out... haha - oh well, maybe I'll re-do it over the Summer and regain some of my dignity!
I'm now done with intro to 2D design now. I still have some things to post from this class, and I'll try and get those up as soon as possible - I hope you've enjoyed it so far!
I received a "B" on this piece - Professor Shaw wasn't very fond of it either I guess! haha


Diane said...

Ya know - I kinda like it! Its so basic - and organic. Almost tribal. Like it.

Love the new website background too. You need to learn to do your own though!

Ms.Lo said...

Well, it earned a B, so that's not bad!