Mar 30, 2012

Growing Up

I guess it's time to start thinking about growing up...
You know, actually leaving school and finding a real job so that you can pay for the motivation to work hard?  Yeah, that big one called "tuition loan(s)".

I don't regret spending the money, the Arborshire has been great and was the perfect choice for me.  I learned so much, and the smaller environment helped me to grow in each individual class.  The Christian atmosphere was great for me too—although like anywhere, people find a way to get around it, faith is really celebrated here and I have experienced so much growth.  And I have made life-long friendships with people I would not have met otherwise—not to mention the fact that I probably would not have worked at camp or met Todd.  I'm thinking that the money spent has been well worth it!

It's been wonderful, and even though I'm really feeling ready to leave (senioritis is hitting me HARD) I still will exit with fond memories and remember my time here as something grand.  I will never again live in a house with a bunch of girls my age who are all striving for the same goals: Academic survival, Jesus and sleep (and chocolate of course).  It has been good but I'm ready to be done.  Most of my friends have graduated or have already "checked out" in one way or another, so the joy of being here is fading fast...  But I'm also excited for what is next, so I guess that's another reason to be ready to leave :)

My goodness, all this to mention that I'm now in the process of applying for jobs!  I like to eat and after I leave here I would love to be able to do so, all while in the process of paying off the hideous monster that is my student debt.  I already had a phone interview and was asked for another (higher up!) this week, which is both exciting and very scary.  This company would only be able to offer me freelance jobs on occasion (though they sometimes hire from their freelance "lists"), so I am also searching for a full time position.

It's weird.  It's scary.
But honestly, the part that I still find interesting about the Arborshire is the work that I'm already doing for the art department (sometimes) and the communications department—and when I have a job, that's what I will actually be doing!  So I must be ready!

But still, if you think about it, please pray for me during these next few months!

99 days

I missed the not-so-subtitle brag post of "I get to marry my best friend in 100 days" opportunity, but here's the next best:

"I get to marry my best friend in 99 days!" woo!


Mar 26, 2012

Save the Date

Last minute decision: We need "save the dates" after all... oh dear
It all makes sense, but just another thing on the "to-do before I-do" list, and the "to-do-before-I-can-graduate-and-be-officially-done-with-my-undergrad" list.
Thus, save the dates consumed a fraction of my weekend, but I am fairly satisfied with them :)

We are going to Email them out, though some of them will be printed on postcards for our older friends and family :)
Not much like the invitations that I finally designed (yay!), which correlate more with the decorations that we are planing to do (hehe, because I haven't finished that yet either...), but I think these are kinda fun and I enjoyed making them.

So yeah, there's our Save the Dates :)

Mar 25, 2012

Pictures of the Show!

Here are the various walls of my display in the gallery—hopefully more photos up close of my finished work to come, though we'll see how much work my professors have for me now that my excuse is that I have horrible senior-itus rather than I have a senior exhibit ;)

Something tells me that they will be less gracious, but it's worth a shot, right? hehe

I can't believe that the exhibit comes down after tomorrow... I can't even believe that I actually had my senior show and it is already "over"...  so much work, and while I will continue to reap the benefits, it is a little sad to think of all the work being "on display" for so short a time.  Oh well, I guess it's time to get ready for the next show—the end of semester show :) My last one... weird!

Mar 19, 2012


Father, I adore you,
And I lay my life before you,
How I love you.

Spirit, I adore you,
And I lay my life before you,
How I love you.

Jesus, I adore you,
And I lay my life before you,
How I love you.

Wonderful chapel this morning with Riley Armstrong, wonderful weather, Wonderful God, still tons to do, but God is good and in control.  It's Monday.

Here we go :)

Mar 13, 2012

Post-Show Break Time!

There are few things that are more sacred and wonderful than Spring Break.
Oh, how I have needed it!  Last week I was on a strict recovery schedule, where immediate homework was completed, and the rest of my time was spent laying on my bed, preferably in the state of unconsciousness.  And it was lovely :)

The show was great—I found myself overwhelmed by the amount of family and friends that came to support me and the other students.  We didn't think to take many pictures of the actual event, but here are some from the very beginning—hopefully I will be able to post some photos of the gallery layout shortly.

Family viewing the show

Grandma brought me flowers :)

And to be honest, this week has not been much more productive, though I have greatly enjoyed a change in scenery and the chance to see my favorite teacher more than once in a week (I've seen him 4 times since Friday, I'm okay with my life right now)

Anywho, it's been a good time—so good in fact that I need to scoot, hopefully more info later!

Mar 11, 2012

Time Ticks On...

Still pretending to have some time in my life right now...

I have my heart set on finishing this piece, but it's slow going as I try to finish up here at school, plan a wedding and go to Italy...  Maybe this fall (should jobs find themselves elusive) I will have some time to get this together and really finish this story—at least this page!

Catching a few moments during lunch the other day to add some ink to my sketch and even some colored pencil during advanced (thankfully I wasn't caught by Bippes!)  Wish I could do more of this, but commercial is the direction they are pointing, and if that's what they want, then that's what I'll give them!

Until I have some moments to breath, little Tyler will just have to wait to face his fears...