Mar 26, 2012

Save the Date

Last minute decision: We need "save the dates" after all... oh dear
It all makes sense, but just another thing on the "to-do before I-do" list, and the "to-do-before-I-can-graduate-and-be-officially-done-with-my-undergrad" list.
Thus, save the dates consumed a fraction of my weekend, but I am fairly satisfied with them :)

We are going to Email them out, though some of them will be printed on postcards for our older friends and family :)
Not much like the invitations that I finally designed (yay!), which correlate more with the decorations that we are planing to do (hehe, because I haven't finished that yet either...), but I think these are kinda fun and I enjoyed making them.

So yeah, there's our Save the Dates :)

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