Mar 30, 2012

Growing Up

I guess it's time to start thinking about growing up...
You know, actually leaving school and finding a real job so that you can pay for the motivation to work hard?  Yeah, that big one called "tuition loan(s)".

I don't regret spending the money, the Arborshire has been great and was the perfect choice for me.  I learned so much, and the smaller environment helped me to grow in each individual class.  The Christian atmosphere was great for me too—although like anywhere, people find a way to get around it, faith is really celebrated here and I have experienced so much growth.  And I have made life-long friendships with people I would not have met otherwise—not to mention the fact that I probably would not have worked at camp or met Todd.  I'm thinking that the money spent has been well worth it!

It's been wonderful, and even though I'm really feeling ready to leave (senioritis is hitting me HARD) I still will exit with fond memories and remember my time here as something grand.  I will never again live in a house with a bunch of girls my age who are all striving for the same goals: Academic survival, Jesus and sleep (and chocolate of course).  It has been good but I'm ready to be done.  Most of my friends have graduated or have already "checked out" in one way or another, so the joy of being here is fading fast...  But I'm also excited for what is next, so I guess that's another reason to be ready to leave :)

My goodness, all this to mention that I'm now in the process of applying for jobs!  I like to eat and after I leave here I would love to be able to do so, all while in the process of paying off the hideous monster that is my student debt.  I already had a phone interview and was asked for another (higher up!) this week, which is both exciting and very scary.  This company would only be able to offer me freelance jobs on occasion (though they sometimes hire from their freelance "lists"), so I am also searching for a full time position.

It's weird.  It's scary.
But honestly, the part that I still find interesting about the Arborshire is the work that I'm already doing for the art department (sometimes) and the communications department—and when I have a job, that's what I will actually be doing!  So I must be ready!

But still, if you think about it, please pray for me during these next few months!

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