Nov 30, 2011

Painted Glass

A post to mark my recent progress on my almost final painting of the semester.
It's a "blow-up" project, and I am painting my pearl necklace, a glass candle holder and two scarfs.
Pardon the horrid image, it's a camera-phone shot...
Still have plenty to do—just finished a major layer on the glass though so I was pretty excited!
Feedback is welcome as always, and almost required :)  Help me to finish this and make it a "winner"!

Nov 18, 2011

Incorporating Some Illustrations

Here is a poster design that I just "finished".  Though it would be safe to incorporate Leonardo's quote, that art is never finished, it is simply abandoned.  I'm not happy with this piece at all, and I'm not sure if that is because I am so sick of it, or if it really is as horrid as I think it is!
But it's done.  A true event, and a drawing that I put into the computer after doing it in chalk pastels (borrowed from the lovely Beej—aka, best bud of art department).  The illustration is inspired from Bob Ziering and some of his pen work.
Really struggling with the placement of the date—will hopefully find a new solution soon, but for right now, I'm done!



Nov 17, 2011

Being Held Together

In this video, Louie Giglio, spoke on the wonders of God, showing how small and insignificant we truly are as human beings.  After comparing the earth to a golf ball, and giving examples from our world today to show the size of the stars that the majority of us are not even aware of, Giglio went on to share how truly amazing it is that a God so powerful would make each of us specifically, and would carry us through the trials of life.  The same God who created the vastly powerful stars, so much bigger than we are even able to understand, also created the smallest cell in our bodies, and the atoms that make up those cells.  Louie Giglio ended by sharing the awesome representation of God’s love for us in the Laminin protein cells(image below)—the powerhouse cell that holds our bodies together—that forms the shape of a cross; a sign that could not be clearer to Christians if it had been in the shape of a heart. 
I have seen part of this video before, but I was energized by the opportunity to see the entire speech.  I am continually struck by the vast size of the planets.  I cannot even imagine something as large as the sun, but the fact that our sun is so small in comparison to some of the smaller stars is mind blowing.  When I think about such size, I can only relate it to how I feel when I look down from a high building.  I am small, I am insignificant, and I am so thankful that God is in control.  I cannot help but wonder at the contrast—that a God who created stars that are too large for me to even comprehend, is the very same God that took care of every minute detail of the human body and existence here on Earth.  The Laminin is simply the icing on the cake.  For the past several years, I have considered cloud formations and beautiful color in the sky to be a special “love note” or sorts from God—similar to the rainbow—a reminder that He loves me and He takes delight in the things that I love.  The Laminin is the same thing for me—if God had written “Katrina, I AM here, I AM holding you”, it could not have been more clear (though it would have been a little more shocking).

Nov 8, 2011

Posters for School

I have been doing work around campus still—here is one of my non-portfolio pieces of the recent variety.  Originally I was planning on including this with my portfolio work, but the images weren't exactly quality and making posters in photoshop is entirely too frustrating for my taste (personally).
But here it is—nothing too fancy, and I'm just glad it's done, lol

Feedback welcome as always :)