Jul 30, 2013

The Votes Are In

Yesterday I decided to allow my friends and family to vote (via facebook and instagram) on my next design to be made into a note-card!
Since I am just starting out, I have to be pretty picky about which designs I choose.  I am still working with an outside printer and unless and until I can bring that process home, I have to order my stock ahead of time.

Sorry Blog, I did not include you in this voting process—I promise that you will be in the next one! 

Anyway, the "Vintage Phone" piece won and this is the design that I created for it!

Etsy shop officially opens on August 5th!  This little guy will be present as soon as the order comes in!

Jul 23, 2013


Another day, another bird drawing.  Really, it's hard to stop when I find them so fun.  This one could become another note card set if there is interest, but that depends on the feedback that I get after it is posted.  Took care of some legal stuff this week and hopefully my etsy shop will be open by August 1st!  Everything else is ready, I just need the license... and to complete any paperwork that comes with it :/ yuck.

Anyway, this drawing goes out to my dear friends—thanks for being great, both near and far

"Hello Friend"

Jul 10, 2013

Anniversary... quickly and, well, late

Our anniversary was on Sunday!  I have a post in the works with photos and little blurbs about the past year.  But clearly that is not my priority right now, or I'm just lazy, but I would rather that you believe the former :)

Anywho, here's a quick watercolor that I did this week to commemorate the event: (Let's try not to be harsh critics now—it's not easy learning to watercolor when your husband is Mr. Paint... and this is only #2 for me!)

Don't you love how classy I am, posting an instagram photo rather than take a real one myself?  Click on the image to find/follow my instagram and actually keep up with my art :)

I promise, the blog will be under better management when I finally get this little shop off the ground!