Oct 19, 2011

Moral of the Story

I am not one to put work off.  In fact, I grow anxious if I think that there is any danger of me not making a deadline.  I also like free-time, and would rather work hard every weekend in order to enjoy a little bit of freedom each week, than have more freedom mixed with sleepless nights and panic attacks.
Because of this, I am known for getting my work done ahead of time.  So I wrote one of my big Core 400 papers on Friday, thinking that I wouldn't have to worry about it this weekend (Fall Break) if I just get it out of the way.

Good plan, right?

Well, you see, the professor is apparently unaware that there are some collage students who do not do their homework the night before it is due (or within hours).  And, you see, he hadn't posted all of the criteria for the paper until, well, TODAY.

And after looking it over, I will have to re-write the majority of my paper.

So... moral of the story?  ...don't plan ahead...?

Oct 18, 2011

Oil slick

Here is my second painting project.
... kind of.  My first real project had two paintings with it—but this is my second still life if you don't include the "exercises".
But either way, this is my first semester working with oil paints, and I am extremely green—really having trouble getting the paint to behave the way I want it too (praying that it will come to me eventually! lol)
I'm not completely sold on this piece, but it's better now than it was on Monday night, and I figured I was due a post from this class (more later, I promise).  I like the light blub, but I am still struggling with the rest.
Pardon the cell-phone-quality.  It is less than ideal, but I didn't really feel like taking my nice camera into a room that drips paint from every crevice.

CD Cover

Well, I'm trying it again. CD covers.

I'm pretty happy with this one—I had a lot of fun with the illustration, and I'm temporarily satisfied with what I have come up with at this point (we'll see how I feel after I am critiqued on it! haha)  The artist is real, though the album is fictitious (kind of, I just grabbed one of her songs).  She has a more moody, coffee-house type style to her music.  One of my house-mates is obsessed, and she really seemed to like this piece, so that was encouraging!  I've also received good responses from those who listen to her music (even more than I do).
Anyway, I welcome any feedback I can get—help me to improve!

Oct 13, 2011

A Dramatic Semester

I have been hired out to the Communications department here in the Arborshire!  Which means that I do the graphic design work for the theater productions that the school puts on :)
Later this month we are putting on the "39 Steps" broadway as a senior show for one of the students here.
This is the design for the poster that I came up with—it will also be seen on the program that I will be creating for them soon.  Feedback welcome!  It's a different style than what I normally go for, but I like it (well, I used to... now I need a break, lol)