Oct 18, 2011

Oil slick

Here is my second painting project.
... kind of.  My first real project had two paintings with it—but this is my second still life if you don't include the "exercises".
But either way, this is my first semester working with oil paints, and I am extremely green—really having trouble getting the paint to behave the way I want it too (praying that it will come to me eventually! lol)
I'm not completely sold on this piece, but it's better now than it was on Monday night, and I figured I was due a post from this class (more later, I promise).  I like the light blub, but I am still struggling with the rest.
Pardon the cell-phone-quality.  It is less than ideal, but I didn't really feel like taking my nice camera into a room that drips paint from every crevice.


Hillary said...

That is super cool! Yes, the lightbulb looks like it could break!

PeeVee™ said...

Oooh that looks real alright!!

Britney said...

I love this! It's really cool!