Apr 10, 2010

Shower Dash

My girlfriends and I watched the Blind Side last night. It was so good! But the 'fun' started after the movie was over. First of all, we were watching Elmo prank calls on YouTube, (which are absolutely hilarious!) but around 1:30am Mandie and I discovered that we both needed to shower that night...
Thus began the mad dash for the "warm" shower—also known as the one closest to the window. Talking trash all the way, Mandie and myself grabbed our shower caddies and towels as fast as possible. There was screaming and laughing, but unfortunately Mandie won (I'm convinced that it is because I had to run down to my room while she was already in her's). I was forced to settle with the less than perfect "2nd best" shower.
The strange events of the night did not end with that: I dropped my razor and it absolutely exploded! I mean, into 3 pieces! That was frustrating to say the least—thankfully I had an extra in my room.


Ms.Lo said...

Complete silliness. I disapprove.

Chocolate Lover said...
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