Dec 1, 2011

Candy Canes and No-Shave

YAY! First candy cane of the season :D
I am very much enjoying it, and very much ready for Christmas.

Another, less recognized holiday is being celebrated today.  No-shave November is officially over and it is that wonderful time of year when all the men in your life begin to look well groomed once again!  Yay! (just kidding guys... mostly...)
I really don't have anything against beards, and I even think it looks really good on some people—but keep it TIDY!  And if it's patchy...?  After a month or so of being surrounded by gnarly, unkept, babe-repellent beards, I'm looking forward to seeing the clean shaves! haha


Ms.Lo said...

Connor has a friend who is now nicknamed "Patches"... can you imagine why?

Chocolate Lover said...

BAHAHAHA, that's fantastic!