Jul 5, 2010

"All the Girls in the Bathroom Talking...

...who they gonna take to the Sadie Hawkins...?" If you are not familiar with that song then I am very sorry.
"Sadie Hawkins" by Reliant K was the song that my senior high girls and I performed for the rest of the campground. If you know me very well at all, then you know that performing is entirely outside of my comfort zone. So when I heard that every cabin was going to have to perform a lip-sync I was not too thrilled. In fact, my attitude towards the entire affair was inexcusably bad. Thankfully God blessed me with a wonderful group of girls and we ended up having a blast (even me)! My girls really stepped up to the plate and took charge of this project! They (eventually) picked a song and then took off with it! While I still cringe whenever I see the video and have no desire to do it ever again, I am so thankful that God provided the motivation and the love that I needed in order to do something like that for my girls.
There were so many things during the past week that had a similar pattern. The first night I can remember laying in bed and praying most of the night. I didn't think the girls liked me at all and I was already discouraged about being able to unify the group in any way. But again, God provided everything (why do I still doubt?!?). My girls ended up clicking really well in the end, and even the encouragement that I needed came just in time through surprise letters, a much needed hug or just an extra smile. It was wonderful--I am so blessed!
Praise God!


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