Nov 23, 2008

Still Life of Colored Construction Paper

Edited: Dec 1

My latest was made of 3 pieces of colored construction paper. 2 of the pieces had to be complementary colors (the orange and the blue), but we could choose whatever color we wanted for the 3rd (the green).
We were supposed to show how color reflects surrounding color in this project
-The green alone the blue "floor"
-The orange added in the left fold on the green
-The blue in the green cavity
-The green in the cast shadow on the orange background

This piece ended up on the "art of the week" wall too :-)
I'm not sure what grade I got on it yet but i would imagine that I got an "A" for it. This class isn't quite as awful as my drawing class when it comes to grades


Ms.Lo said...

I couldn't tell it was painted at first. I really like this one.

alex said...

i thought it was real too

SiSi said...

AHHH!!! it's A-MA-zing!!! it looks as if it could be real!

(and yes, it would be too awesome if you illustrated my blog ;D)

SiSi said...

Trina, it is so fun to see the first pic u put in ur blog and then scrol up and watch how much u get better!!!!!!

-Sis sisi

Chocolate Lover said...

You're so sweet Sisi :-)
Can't wait to see you tonight!!!

Diane said...

Wait - I just noticed you said this class wasn't as bad as your drawing class. I didn't realize it wasn't for your drawing class! What is this class?

I'm taking design next semester. Can't wait.

Chocolate Lover said...

It's from my Color Theory class. We work with paint mostly. The first half of the semester all we did was color wheels and matching colors, now we've moved on to finding local color and reflected color