Nov 14, 2008

Conte Still Life

Still life using Conte - which is a lot like Charcoal. The still life was a little off (the cone on the left was tilted slightly) and so I drew it how I saw it. Unfortunately that throws the whole composition off and when the viewer does not have the still life right in front of them, then the piece just looks wrong.
Oh well, I guess that's one of the "artistic liberties" that I am supposed to take.

This was actually done before the other light study began but I couldn't get a picture of this one before now.

This piece was given a "B+"


Anonymous said...

Oh, so you were supposed to draw the left cone straight, even though it was crooked?

It's good -- definitely worthy of the B+.

Chocolate Lover said...

Yeah, and because I didn't change it my "church" looks off :'(

Diane said...

love the light on the apple