Jun 14, 2010

SBC--Friends and Lake Michigan

Okay, so we're already into the second week of camp, but I haven't had much time to contribute to the blog. That might not be a good excuse, but it's all I've got.
We were camping on Lake Michigan for the first two days, which is absolutely breath taking! It was a great time to get to know everyone on the counseling staff(- 2). We were also given some serious God-time, which was wonderful! Just listening to God--something that has been lacking in a bad way in my life. Who knew that you had to listen to God to hear Him?? (enter sarcasm here)
Hopefully I will have photos of that part of my adventure up soon. Unfortunately I don't have my own laptop here, or the cable that transfers my photos, so it might not happen for a while.
We (the counseling staff) also had the privilege of participating in all of the games / challenges that our campers will do in the next few weeks. That was a blast, and I only wish we could do more! We work well together (in my opinion anyway) and I just enjoy being around everyone on our team. I am so blessed to have each one of them!

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