Apr 9, 2012

Coming Closer...

Look who gets to GRADUATE!!!
Last week they gave out our lovely hats and the mounds of fabric we are supposed to swim across the stage in on May 12th :)

As you can almost tell from the horrid camera-phone image (I need to get my DSLR out again... didn't I buy it to USE it?!), I am rather excited about the upcoming commencement.  It's weird, I didn't think I would ever want to leave the Arborshire, but I am almost "ready"...  While I still love it—and I wouldn't trade my time here for anything (not even a for cancellation of the ever-daunting loans)—I am starting to have growing pains.  It's time to start the next stage, to go out and begin the work that I have been training to do.

I'm super scared, but also growing excited!  A new (dare I say it?) "adventure" awaits! 


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