Apr 15, 2012

Five for the Week

Five quick things that happened this week—a peak into my life right now:

1. Thursday featured a Kettle bell workout.  Friday featured extreme pain in shoulders and legs, ooouch!  Hopefully July will feature a more toned bride.  We'll see.

2. Professor Bippes had his retirement show yesterday (Saturday), which means that I was in charge of getting all the student workers together on Friday and Saturday—making sure that they were where they needed to be as we cleaned the entire building from top to bottom and moved tables and chairs, put up signs, prepared food and prepped the gallery.  Then Saturday I helped to run the event.  Can you say suppa-fatigued?  Last night consisted of me falling asleep at random moments—sometimes in mid-conversation.  Sorry Todd.

3. One of my best friends and my sister are both trying a "no-poo" technique with their hair.  No worries, your digestive system is not involved in any way!  But it's a fast from the more harmful effects of shampoo—which strips your hair of the natural oils that actually give you stronger, more manageable hair!  I've considered trying it myself, but your hair goes through a 3-4 week transition period where it is extra oily because your scalp has adjusted to producing more than enough oils to compensate for the loss it goes through each wash.  I'm not sure I am willing to go through that transition—at least not right now... there are so many important things coming up that I'm afraid to risk looking awful just yet! haha

4. Second job interview is this upcoming Thursday (prayer please!), and I've continued contact with a third company.  It makes me rather nervous, and I'm a little scared to "grow up", though it's also exciting.  We'll see what happens!

5. I'm doing a "conceptual" drawing for my advanced class!  The idea is a little "typical depressed art student", but I'm having fun pursuing art with my hands again—even the artwork I've been doing for my illustration class has largely been pushed to the computer—kind of a bummer.  We'll see what the professors think, and hopefully I'll have something to post soon!

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