Apr 28, 2012


It has begun!  The pre-wedding parties have started—beginning with one hosted by my nearest and dearest girlfriends :)  Mandie and Britney came from out of town and my housemates and Beej were here too!

Instead of the current bachelorette party trend, my friends threw a tea party!  And it was WONDERFUL, we all dressed up and drank tea and ate "tea sandwiches"(college student version), chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes!  Best.Party.Ever!

And the rings on these cupcakes lit up!  So we were all swinging around our giant light-up rings as we drank our tea.  Pinkies up!

And they got me a crown!  It was a blast, we wrapped up the evening by watching "Father of the Bride" together and then eventually changing into pjs and enjoying another movie with some lemonade.  I have the best friends ever—they know me so well

There is a lot to do before the wedding yet, but there is a lot on the move!  I can't believe we will be getting married in 70 days! Wow


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