Oct 7, 2009

Love Note - Bright and Early

I walked out of the dining commons this morning, slightly panicked because I had decided to stay and listen to a friend of mine vent some frustration instead of leaving at my usual time. It was definitely worth it, but after the interesting last few days (more on that later) I was in no mood to have even the slightest amount of stress added to my day. Especially at the very beginning (we're talking 7:50 am here-I've only been up an hour).
Thankfully, my Betrothed was prepared. I walked out to see the BEAUTIFUL sky that God had made! The rising sun was hitting the clouds just right, and had turned the tops pink and yellow. Gorgeous! I suddenly had the energy I needed. God always knows what to do, He knows how much I love color, and how crazy-happy I get when I catch those few moments. Needless to say, I was able to get through today - including 10 hours in the art center

PS. I still made it about 5 minutes before class started. A little late for me, but totally okay :)

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