Oct 5, 2009

Typographic Hierarchy

In my Typographic Design class, I have to create 4 different "flash cards" with one back.  These flash cards need to be part of a selected theme and have a family resemblance.  I choose the Typographic Hierarchy theme (because nobody else was doing it!) and have to tell the viewers different methods of controlling the eye of the viewer.
I'm not sure how I feel about the entire design... I'm really out of my league in the classes right now - mostly because everyone else has had experience with this type of art while I haven't.

Either way, I'm hoping that my professor will like them.  I think I might change a few things on the 4 pieces still - I don't really like the "controlling the eye of the viewer" wrapping around.  I did until a little while ago, but it's just too much as of right now.

Updated:: 10/10/09
This is my final design, we had a critique this morning (well, Friday morning) and that went very well!  I was really scared, but I didn't get many bad comments--in fact, I got a lot of positive feedback!
And Professor Shaw said he liked my cover--the "logo" design.  Which is always a plus!!!

Updated 10/12/09
Turns out that Professor Shaw isn't as fond of my design as I thought... I got a B+ on this piece.
Solution to Problem:: B+
Creativity:: B  (Story of my life)
Technique:: A-


Diane said...

That's so cool! How did you do those - hand-drawn or on computer? Very nice.

I think its spelled legible.

Chocolate Lover said...

Thanks Diane, I just fixed that as a matter of fact! (Mom always was embarrassed with my spelling failures... haha)
I did everything on InDesign - this is one of my first projects using it. Which is nice because I'm learning how to use it, but at the same time, all of my classmates know what they are doing and I don't...
The self esteem died a little over the past few weeks but I'm working to build it back up! haha