Oct 17, 2009

Leaf Symbol

This is my first attempt at a logo...
I'm brainstorming for my Intro to Graphic Design class.  We are supposed to create a logo-style design that represents something.
I was originally doing a pencil (we had two options), but I couldn't think of anything :'(
SO this is what I've got now.  Trying to convey the seasons and the color changes of the leaves

I got the project back today!  And I got an "A"!!!  Excitement is an understatement!  Professor Shaw also showed mine to the class along with 4 other student's work and told me what he liked about it.  I wasn't sure how I did on this one (still figuring this Graphic Design thing out), so I was VERY excited to see the A, I would have guessed a "B", maybe a "B+"
Professor Shaw thought that I should have given the red-brown leaf harder edges to convey a crunchy, dead effect.

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