Oct 27, 2009

"Cappuccino To Go" Logo

This is one of my logo designs for Typography.  We had to pick out one of the "company" names from a list and design a company logo for them.  I will also have to choose the font that the company will use in all of their advertisements and written documents.
The "go" on the left represents a traffic light - thus the green filled "o" - that would imply speed.
Updated 10/30/09
I have added my new, revised version of the logo.  I made the "go" text within the "traffic light" myself using the pen tool (I'm getting better with using Adobe!)  I was having trouble with the "Cappuccino To Go" font choice.  I was trying to play with different typefaces, but I was never sold on any of them...  What I finally settled on was "Dear Joe 2" (found at DaFont.com)
I do like what I have now.  I might change the value of the green, and maybe decrease the saturation to give it a more organic feel.
Feedback is appreciated!

Updated 11/6/09
I have added the complete, finished set.  I also had to design a letterhead, business cards and and envelope that went with the logo :)

Updated 11/10/09
It's on the WORK OF THE WEEK board!!!!
SO excited!  I got an "A-" on it, the '-' is for going a little overboard with all of the extra items (but I kind of forgot about them until about 2 days before the assignment was due! So I'm okay with that being the reason)
But Professor Shaw also said that the logo was "very creative!" — I don't get that very much, and I'm LOVING it now!


Ms.Lo said...

I love it! The colors, especially. Of course I'm not a good critic of graphic design (yet), but I'll learn. :-)

Diane said...

LOVE it. Perfection. Love the font choice. LOVE the stoplight idea - that is too clever....seriously - BIG ad campaign-clever.

I'm so jealous.

Good job! Be sure to keep this blog going too. Not only do I love to watch what you are up to, you'll forget all of these projects one day and it'll be great to look back.